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Game Designer Job offer

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Hi to all, if you like games, and you understand mechanics and phisics , if you can explain easy an idea in a document,and develop an idea using flows,charts and images,if you love the history of the games and them are part of your live , if your soul the video gaming and you prefer read about games,matematics and phisics intead go party , you born to be a Game Designer , in Kitmaker we have a new Vacant for game designer somebody wuth the skills detailed before , somedoy who undertand the GDD rules and how make a game viral and plenty of fun, if you can move your live to the games world and would like to live in Mallorca Island (Spain) and share part of your live with us making games please email us to or use the BGDF .

Many thanks to all to read me, hope we can give a good job to somebody, thanks to the forum for the great idea to create a BGDF

Regards to all

Gabriel Muntaner

Kitmaker Entertainment

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