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Working on a deck-building style game with a twist, but the mechanics have changed a little and want to see what people prefer for a theme.

Option 1 is a Cold War, Communists vs Capitalist theme, where workers with better abilities (Engineers, Scientists) and Villians (Spies, Thieves) are used to build their fictional nation to glory.

Option 2 is a Mad Scientist theme, where they are instead minions, building and researching and attacking the other mad scientists/minions to try and take over the nation/world/galaxy, etc.

I think both would work...they just have different feels to me and curious what anybody/everybody thinks would be more appealing.

Thanks for the help!

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Option one would work best in

Option one would work best in a two player game. I don't see a three or four sided cold war, but i do like the theme.

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so my choices are grandeur or

so my choices are grandeur or wacky, id say look at your intended scale for the project:

if it is big, go for grandeur
if it is small, go for wacky

besides, the wacky theme sounds like it can be scaled up and down much easier compared to the cold war theme

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Mad Science

This has sooooooooo many possibilities! More players, characters who want plants to take over the world, Ooze, hybrid creatures and such!

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I would be more likely to

I would be more likely to want to play a mad scientist game, but both sound cool. If you went with the cold war theme you could use teams to make it better for more players, adding the feel of politics. Each player could be trying to move up the political ladder while also trying to make their country stronger.

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I'd go mad scientists. It has

I'd go mad scientists. It has a broader appeal, and I can see the art being more interesting. The political theme is more serious, and might strike some players as a bit dry.

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