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Give me some feedback on my art

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Ok guys I’d like some feedback on the art for my game Steps & Stumbles. I respect all feedback. I ask that if you like/dislike it please tell me why. Brief description of the game below for context:

Steps & Stumbles is an abstract card game where players try to complete a set of unique Steps (runs, pairs, color combos, etc). Players have the ability to change the rules of the game/alter the board state by playing Stumbles (change card colors, move plays to the discard pile, swap steps etc) to thwart their opponents.

I do know some of the numbers got flipped. That is being corrected. Thanks!

Joined: 08/28/2015
I like it overall (I'm a fan

I like it overall (I'm a fan of minimalism). I would definitely try to make the colors more consistent. This stands out most to me in the yellow on the number cards being a different shade than the title on the cover and the tacks (I'd also make sure the red text matches something inside the box). The font and curvature of the "Skip" and "Wild" cards doesn't seem to fit well with the rest of whats going on. I am not a huge fan the image behind the text on the back of the box either. There's plenty of room to include something else visual on the back if you like (an image of your little running man face planting popped into my mind :).

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It's not an art style that screams "look at me", but it is functional.

But judging from the pics, the gameplay doesn't appear to need anything more.

I mean, could the art look better? Sure. But it has this...sterile feel to them; it doesn't feel unique. On first glance it felt like "Sesame Street", which isn't bad if that's what you're aiming for. If you want to keep the art, then the game play will need to really shine through.

I'm not opposed to the art, but then again, I'm not impressed with the art.

My suggestion would be if you wanted something unique and minimalist but has its own style, then look to the way the Olympics have symbolized their sports.

There are others, but these are some suggestions.

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The tiles look like Rummikub,

The tiles look like Rummikub, while the overall design looks vintage. Hipsters would dig it.

The stick guy on the cover has a wrong posture for a person walking down stairs, almost as if he's falling. Not sure if intentional, or if you stole the icon.

I don't like the watermark on the rules page, but otherwise good work overall.

The style seems to fit the game pretty well.

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Not a fan

You asked for an honest (and subjective) opinion, so... I do not really like the graphics at all.
The only card that looks nice enough is the one that you also put on the cover, but the rest of the cover and the art of the cards looks like something in a functional prototype.

Unfortunately, Kickstarter games tend to have some very nice illustrations these days; so even if you go for a minimal style, I find this to be not "minimal" but a little "poor".

(once again, sorry, you asked for it!)

So, for me, this is pretty good if you want to show the game to a publisher, but a little "meh." if you want to promote the game.

My two cents.

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ilSilvano wrote:

Unfortunately, Kickstarter games tend to have some very nice illustrations these days; so even if you go for a minimal style, I find this to be not "minimal" but a little "poor".

I think minimal can be fine (especially if it's just a card game), but it really needs to look polished.

I agree with keeping the colors consistent, but I would keep the fonts consistent as well. I don't like how the 'Wild' and 'Skip' cards have curved font. I'd also use the Kickstarter logo on the front of the box, not just text.

Also, I understand wanting to brand the Wild & Skip cards (with the Ice Peddler logo), but I don't think it's appropriate in this case. It was distracting, and I was confused, wondering if the icon meant something.

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The box art looks like a

The box art looks like a lackluster Micro-game from the 1970s or a really tame educational or work utility program for the Apple IIe. That, paired with the title, reminds me of the Jump to Conclusions mat from Office Space. I can't imagine anyone getting too excited if I broke this game out on game night.

Minimalist illustration makes the graphic layout all the more important. I strongly recommend that anyone research the elements of art, composition, and the principals of visual design before doing their own graphic design work. Just looking at color, the white figure on a black background doesn't scream fun. It makes it look more like this is a game about pushing grandma down the stairs, something more akin to Cards Against Humanity. Everything about the design is bleak and cruel. Color psychology is really important.

An example of a basic layout with a fairly effective use of space and color (note how the front face is predominately black without looking morbid):

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Good design

It looks good. It could be better yet. It's hard to be specific because it is very subjective - but mostly good art (in my opinion) should look like good craftsmanship and that it took time which applies to both minimalistic and fully rendered art. For this style everything should be carefully placed at weighted. What I react on when I see your images is:

1. some text is centered end some is justified left.
2. The estetics of your skewed letters on wild/skip is not so good. And maybe the icon in the middle should match the words or be left out.
3. some cards could be black with white text (just an idea)
4. I would ditch the colours unless the play a role. or just have one bright yellow - but the use it on many cards.
5. I would try a more personal line for the guy tripping.
6. Try ad some ekstra element like a line or box on the text side.
your ice logo on the front should maybe just be white on black it disturb the over all image.Which also goes for the red color .

My favourite card is the stairs. Which makes me think you should try to write numbers with outlines only.


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