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Help naming game for Kids

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I'm hoping to get some feedback from (gamers with) kids. Is there anyone who wants to ask their kids which game title they would prefer from this list:

Loopy Leprechauns
Loony Leprechauns
Lootin' Leprechauns
Little Leprechauns
Looking for Leprechauns
Rainbows & Leprechauns
Magic Rainbows
Rainbow Raid
Rainbow Robbers

Something they come up with themselves?

A little background: I've created a game that I used to call "Lucky Leprechauns" until I did my BGG search and found out that the name's already taken. Obviously I facepalmed my facepalm for not starting out with doing a proper search. Now I already have my art centered around Leprechauns collecting rainbows. My Lucky Leprechauns is a simple (Leprechaun themed) set collecting game where the players collect rainbows. I'm new to the States, so I don't know to many kids and the kids from my country don't speak English, hence I turn to this wonderful community!



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I believe the mythology is that leprechauns make shoes, play music, drink and dance, and collect gold, which might be found in a pot at the end of a rainbow. Further, that if captured, a leprechaun will take their captor to the treasure. Finally, that leprechauns are extremely tricky and if they can distract their captor for even an instant, they vanish into thin air.

I don't know whether or how this information is included in your game, but if it were, it might provide a few more game naming opportunities.

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Looking for Leprechauns puts kids in the action. With this title they can envision themselves on the hunt.

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You're also selling the game

You're also selling the game to the parents, so it's got to be a name that a parent would think sounds good to their children.

I will also cast a vote for Looking for Leprechauns. It's got an action to it, and it sounds like a kid's game. It describes the game in three words. It's great.

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I don't have kids... but

I would call your game: "Over the Rainbow".

There is an old game (1949) which uses the name "Over the Rainbow See-Saw" game. Other than that there are no other games with this title.

I think that title gives the game some "mystery", like what is there over the rainbow? Or where is over the rainbow?

Just my 2 cents (we are rounding off to 5 cents in my Country!)... Just my 0 cents! :P

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No doubt about it....

Looking for Leprechauns.

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I haven't asked any children,

I haven't asked any children, but I did just buy "Hey that's my fish!", and I'd vote Looking for Leprechauns.

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Can you give us a bit of info

Can you give us a bit of info on the mechanics of the game? That will certainly help me point you in a direction.

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The Leprechaun's Kaleidoscope:

The Leprechaun's Kaleidoscope: Rainbows have escaped from the Leprechauns kaleidoscope, help him collect and return them.

Not sure that would fit, will add more useful names etc. if/when they occur to me.

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Leapin' Leprechauns: Get off the pot!

Leapin' Leprechauns: Get off the pot!

Gremlins have broken into Storm Central, and it's raining rainbows! It's up to the Leprechauns to get them all back. Join the mad scramble for gold and glory, as players race to collect as many rainbows as possible. Get off your pot of gold, before it's too late to save the rainbows!

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