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The Hidden Agenda

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I'm fighting with myself and losing...

I'm in the process of playtesting a game with hidden agenda cards for each player. I'm also thinking ahead on how to design the cards and the overall theme of the game. Knowing the good art sells a game just as well as great gameplay I know I want a lot of awesome artwork in the game, however the game is mostly played out through scenarios that are read from cards - a lot like Too Mamy Bones Scenarios or the Crossroads cards from Dead of Winter. I bring that up because it seems difficult to put art on those scenarios. The agenda cards are the only other componeent that could have artwork. My fight is that I dont want character art on the agenda cards(the agendas are people with political agendas) because a player may get a character that they dont ifentify with. A male player getting a female character or whatever. So I want to put some sort of graphical design badge or banner on the agenda cards so their is something to look at but isnt going to offend a player if their character is a ginger. The other hand, limited components with artwork has limited aesthetic appeal.

Sorry for being long winded. Should I put character art on the agendas and forget about players maybe having a problem with the character art on the agenda they have or do i fhoose a benign path and make the agendas a badge/banner but lose out on art potential as it were?

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In my humble opinion. Game

In my humble opinion. Game mechanics go first above all.
If you still want characters for your players. What if you allow them to choose one. And simply add 1 extra rule (or event) to the character card? Thus the player might choose this extra rule (or event).
The other cards would still be hidden agenda cards added to this character card.
Would that work?

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Yes, Portraits

Presuming that your audience isn't children...

You'll generally have two types of players, those that go right to the abstraction and those that want the immersion.

A player that wants immersion will want a character, especially characters that are different than themselves. It also increases the sense of replayability.

The abstract players don't care much either way.

If there is a player who is inherently uptight, then it increases the enjoyment for the rest of the players :)

A portrait also improves learnability and helps players recognize and remember their hidden role.

The other out, given you are calling these agendas rather than roles, is to use art that clearly communicates the agenda. Like if my agenda relates to betrayal, there is a picture of a hand holding a dagger in classic backstab position.

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Hidden Agenda

These are the goals in the game. I cant really call them roles because to me role implies know information and different actions that can be taken in a turn - the agendas are hidden and only represent the goals. In my mind not roles....

However, the agendas are titled to specific classifications of people.... "the warmonger" and "the diplomat" and the "the treasure" for example. Given the names I can easily see characters on the agenda cards. BUT would a player be turned off/disconnected with the game if their chatacter card is a balding priest? I suppose when i play Sherriff of Nottingham I dont care that im a pansy yellow dressed bread maker so maybe that isnt a big deal.

Another question/ponderance. What is the point of putting character art on a card that only one player will see for the entire game? Is it worth it? I suppose Resistance does it.....

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