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How could I retheme my "Eldritch Express"

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In order to make the game easier to publish by gamecrafters and digitally. I thought of retheming my Eldritch Express game, which is inspired on Eldritch Horror, Arkham Horror and Elder Sign into something new where I could have more flexibility and less copyright problems.

I originally thought of using another Horror theme I had for other games, but the problem is the core mechanics of Doom Track vs Elder Sign track does work with that thee, and changing that would mean changing the whole game, or the whole balance of the game.

Now I am willing to change a few mechanics, but not the core mechanics that makes the game work. So I was trying to explore if other non-horror themes could be explored.

One theme that came up to my mind, if a Cyberpunk style world like Android or Shadowrun, where:

- The ancient one is a company with a special plan to conquer the world
- The investigator are people getting aware of this and try to stop the company.
- The duality Health/Sanity, Physical/Magical, could be represented with Physical/Digital, where digital is any hacking activity. Spells would be programs.
- Monsters will be increases security or threats in the physical and digital world : Security guards, Virus, etc
- Conditions could be physical or Digital Damage special wounds.

So first, I wanted to know if you actually liked the idea.

Second, I was wondering if other non-horror theme could actually fit for such game design.

Tim Edwards
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Is it possible to summarise

Is it possible to summarise the basic structure of the game? I tried to find out about it in the forum, but there's such a long history of development represented here, I didn't know where to look.

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Of course, the game is listed

Of course, the game is listed on BGG and you also have my website:

Another theme I thought is a Secret Agent Theme, where you have agents trying to stop an evil plot.

let-off studios
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A Few Options

After seeing some of your pictures and reading a bit more about the general idea of gameplay, a few ideas came to mind. I took a browse through a public domain character website and my brain really started reeling with possibilities. The general idea here is that you create a major target that has a built-in deadline, and if the players do not succeed in tracking down, stopping, or otherwise preventing the completion of the mission prior to the deadline, then they don't win.

- "Wild West" bandits plotting a railroad heist
- A team of surgeons trying to save a patient
- Cryptozoologists trying to track down a mythological creature (doesn't quite fit with the deadline idea, but maybe it's a certain time of the year? You have to track it down before the worst of the winter weather, maybe?)
- The stories of Hamlet or Othello, or even Titus Andronicus?
- The tale of Mulan/Hua Mulan in the Ming Dynasty of China
- Adventures of Sinbad the Sailor, or any of the classic Greek mythological heroes

If you want to pursue the secret agent theme, there's the public domain book Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad which - although it has some mature themes at the outset - might make a solid backdrop to an agent provocateur game set in Europe.

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