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Latin speakers?? (WIP The Conclave)

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The Conclave


One of my other game designs is in need of some expertise in the range of "filler text" and theme text.
In short: I'm looking for people who know enough Latin to either fix Google Translate or make a couple of Latin phrases. I guess seeing the subject that it's also possible that I could use Italian.

About the game: The Conclave is a 3-10 player worker-placement game in which you play one of the 24 attending Cardinals during the 1492 Conclave in the Vatican (which in reality was the rise of Rodrigo Borgia, one of the more notorious, criminal, popes in history).
The point of the game is to "convince" other players and cardinals to vote for you and gain a majority during the final voting phase of a round. Ofcourse this is 1492 and convincing can be taken very boardly... By using your conviction, power or wealth you will try to make sure other Cardinals are forced to vote.
There's negotiation (both secret and open), backstabbing, subterfuge and misdirection. There's more but this is the jist of it.

As with most of my games the graphic design has progressed far into finalisation but it lacks... authenticity and I think some latin or italian phrases or excerpts would help a bit.

Attached is the board with all the elements. It's not final as I think it has some open spaces that could be used to explain the game (ie reminders).
I'm rechecking the rulebook so any people who are interested can take a look at it and give feedback when I upload it to my site.

PS Any input is welcome. I'm not a history buff so feel free to school me, Christian verses and other sayings from that period are mainly found through wiki's and other sites so if there are people on here with a more indepth knowledge: holler.

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That one time...

I studied Latin in school for four years, although that was from 12-16 and I'm now 21, so I'm quite rusty. But I may be able to help a little bit if you want me to take a look at it. I most likely won't be much use, but I might be able to get you in the right direction. :)

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I'm having a hard time now to

I'm having a hard time now to find english sentences that could be translated that fit the era and theme without sounding too harsh LOL

Even though the game is about corruption and simony, and featured murder and sex, I don't want to be too blatant about it.
I found a list of religious latin phrases that might be possible to place somewhere ironically (and thus cynically).

What would you lot prefer?

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You can give me something to translate. I'm taking Latin right now for the third year and I think I can manage anything short.

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I seem to be "out of the

I seem to be "out of the theme" since I'm having a hard time to find something that doesn't sound retarded. But currently I have these:

blood and faith

God is on my side

A vote for confidence often lies in the tip of a dagger

A coin for your word
a gold for your trust

For sword and scepter

Christ walks with me towards the righteous path

Maybe I have an overly romantic notion of how Latin sounded but I'm looking for that "sexy" pseudo rhymey verse-like vibe which might even not be plausible.

I also need latin for another game I'm making about spies so I'll post that here too. It's used as the insigna motto (like "Veritas Omnia Vincit" or other three word motto's). Maybe "murder, death, kill" or "to each his own, to others death" or "to view, to steal, to vanquish"

Anyhoo, thanks already for the help

PS Any idea what 'prostitutes' were called back in those days... Much like the "Soiled Dove" from the Wild West but in 15th century Italy :s

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