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Name ideas for a game of conspiracies.

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Hi there everyone,

I need name for a game I'm designing. You play as a conspiracy trying to take over the world by taking control of various organizations and agents. Each conspiracy has it's own special powers and a special victory condition, but all the conspiracies can win by controlling 10 organizations. Think Steve Jackson's Illuminati updated to a somewhat more modern game.

There's a pretty big turn order/time mechanism. The game takes place over a year and each player has a marker on a calendar. Actions take various amounts of time (which players can often increase or decrease) and as long as your marker is the first on the calendar it's your turn. Taking over particularly good organizations, or ones that others don't want you to take, will take a longer time and delay your next turn compared to taking a weaker organization or doing a small administrative action like moving groups around. I'll probably solicit thoughts on the mechanics in another thread later (probably after I've finished the draft of the rules that I'm working on,) but for now I'd love help with a better name for the game.

I've been going with a working title of Conspiracy Year, but that's not very good. I was wondering if anyone might have any more exciting thoughts. I have considered Conspiracy Theory, but I don't think it quite fits this game (though it could easily fit for a co-op expansion in rolling around in my head where an AI controls on of the Conspiracies in the game and the players are working to stop it from taking over the world.)

Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

-Zorblag R`Lyeh

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3 ideas



Ano Domini

Some Random Dude
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The Syndicates Plotting New

The Syndicates


New World Order

The Game (meaning, "to game" as in "to manipulate")

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Here are a few I've come up

Here are a few I've come up with:




Circle of Conspiracy

Ring of Conspiracy


Destination: Dominate!

Operation: Dominate!

Operation: Conspiracy!

Destination: New World

Supreme Ruler

Power Play

Operation: Power Play

Hidden Agenda(s), Covert Agenda(s)

Stealth Tactics

Secret Syndicates, Stealth Syndicates

Inside Information

Secret Societies

Secret Circles


Motive: Manipulation!

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Is it funny?

The Hidden Hand
The Truth

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Thanks for the suggestions so far.

There are some good ideas there; I'll let them mull a bit and see if any feel just right. I do know that the Cabal and the Syndicate are working names of conspiracies so far for either the base game or a potential expansion so they'll have a part in the game itself.

@Corsaire, I do want there to be some humor in the game; it's a big part of what makes Illuminati fun. Organizations will have traits or names that might be a bit funny (e.g. the NSA will be Government and Criminal) and Agents might have amusing powers, but for the most part if there's humor it's going to need to show up in the art which I'll need help with later.

Here's a list of the conspiracies that I've got as a working model so far, just so that everyone's got a better idea of some of what's in the game:

*The Brethren (wins by controlling every kind of trait in the game)
*The Bureaucracy (wins if no one wins by the end of the game)
*The Cabal (wins by destroying organizations)
The Council (wins by having a variety of kinds of influence)
The Collective (wins by controlling Government Organizations)
The Consortium (wins by controlling Corporate Organizations)
The Illuminati (wins by having a set amount of any type of influence)
The Junta (wins by controlling violent organizations)
The Network (wins by having a set amount of transferable influence)
*The Order (wins by controlling fringe groups; actually the most disorderly of the conspiracies)
*The Outsiders (picks another Conspiracies special victory condition)
The Syndicate (wins by controlling Criminal Organizations)

The ones with the stars I'm currently thinking will go in an expansion which adds a few things that pertain to their victory conditions or which are a bit more complicated. There's some chance that I'll roll that into the base game though.

-Zorblag R`Lyeh

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I'd probably go with

I'd probably go with something like "One World" or "Shadow Rulers"

Look for something that screams either puppeteers pulling the strings on society or simply eradicating countries to create one "unified" society.

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So, I know this thread was

So, I know this thread was about naming the game, and you probably have a lot of things taken care of in the actual mechanics, but it'd be really cool/thematic if players kept their conspiracy hidden throughout the game, at least until something that makes them unique occurs (such as, meeting their win conditions).

I really like the individual win conditions that you have in there.

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Hidden agendas and their place in the game

@Some Random Dude, I actually have that planned as an optional hidden agenda variant for the rule book. The Outsiders will play with a hidden special victory condition by default, but the standard version of the game would have the other players revealed.

There is a reveal information action as part of the base game which is normally used to check to see what special cards other players have. Players might get it for free as a power occasionally, but I don't expect it to get used all that much in most games. One of the Outsider's special powers is that they are immune to it (so it can't be used to reveal their goal,) but my plan is let players use it in the hidden agenda variant to look at other players conspiracy.

As it's a variant I haven't fully worked out the details, but here's the general idea. Players will be able to lie about what powers and goals they have until they've been revealed to the entire game. Anytime a player uses a hidden power the other players will have the chance to challenge the power use. If the hidden power is challenged the challenging player can look at the card; if active player was telling the truth and actually had that power they keep their power hidden and the challenger loses some amount of time on the calendar (more than the cost of a reveal information action; I'm thinking one week, but that'll need play testing.) If the active player was lying and they don't actually have the hidden power they claimed the challenger has a choice. They can publicly reveal the actual power and goal of the active player at no time cost to them self or they can act as though the active player was telling the truth, leave the power hidden and take the time penalty.

Most of the time it probably makes sense for the challenger to reveal the lie, but there are potentially going to be times where the rest of the players thinking one players powers and goal are different than they actually are might be useful to the challenger.

If the active player is caught in a lie and has their hidden power and goals revealed the action they pick a new action instead and don't have any other penalty beyond no longer being able to claim powers they don't actually have. The goal is to make bluffing about powers more desirable and the challenge the high stakes move.

I've also thought that it would be fun to try to come up with a way for players to mix and match conspiracy powers and goals and have the hidden parts not all reveal at the same time, but that gets harder to balance and would be something for an expansion way down the line.

Probably more than you wanted in this thread, but there's what I've thought along those lines thus far.

TL;DR: I agree, hidden objectives are neat and appropriate in this sort of game!

-Zorblag R`Lyeh

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