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Name of my mech game

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Is this the right forum to brainstorm the name of my game? I figured the name is the springboard of how people will think of the theme before playing it so here I am!

My game is currently called Mech Deck. You can see examples of it in the following places:

In summary, it is a fast paced simple robot combat game. The board is hex based with a communal deck of cards that enhance combat. Damage removes parts of the robot and the last man standing wins. Scenarios might come into play later but for now I want to polish up the rules for a straight forward battle.

I have gotten some feedback that the name Mech Deck tells people it is probably a deck builder, or at least something that isn't played on a board with minis. I have grown pretty attached to the name but I can see where they are coming from and agree.

The simplicity of it is why I am so attached. What do you all think of the name Mech Hex? It is pretty much the same thing but changing Deck to Hex switches your perception to a minis combat game. I think at least... What do you all think of it? Does anything else come to mind that would be better?

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A rose by any other name. . .

I like your reasoning for changing to Mech Hex but I don't agree that it would make the majority of people think that this is a minis board game. Don't get me wrong I do think that Mech Hex is good but not very evocative.

Why are these Mechs fighting. Is it to entertain the bored masses? Then maybe the name could reflect that. Look to your theme or the world your created in which this game exists for name inspiration.

I don't know if you need to get hung up on trying to have your name be descriptive of your game. I mean look at Twilight Imperium, that name tells you nothing about the game play. You can guess that it is sci fi and probably epic but it could be a minis game or a board game or a deck builder.

Also something to think about, if your name is just a descriptor of what the game/product is your copyright is not as strong. This last part probably doesn't matter but something I thought of.

So a few name ideas after watching your video:

Hexa Mechs (Riffing off your Mech Hex idea)

Mech king. (cuz it is a king of the hill type game)

Hill 43 ( the name of the hill where these mechs fight?)

Mech lords

Twisted Mechs

Junkyard Mechs (cuz your build your mech from avallable parts and a futuristic junk yard theme)

Just my two cents.

Scott Nicely

Jovial Graphics and Games

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I agree with SrNicely. Your

I agree with SrNicely. Your name should reflect the theme rather than the mechanics, at least, if it is not an abstract game or a mechanic is what the game is all about (both of which do not seem to be the case here).

Obviously, mechs are the strong point in your theme. There is some kind of conflict, so you might as well call it something with war in its name, or arena, if it is more like this. You could try to use the sound of the word Mech for some word game. This way the name might stick more to people's heads. I#m not good at this in english, but think of something in the terms of 'Mech-ximal Damage'

The natively english speaking people here might be able to help you more with this than I can.

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For starters, abandon your

For starters, abandon your name entirely. It's gone. Don't try to derive from it. Don't get stuck in a rut with your thinking. Your friends are right that Mech Deck implies a deck of mechs.

I suggest skimming some books, articles, and imagery about robots and machinery for ideas. You may find a term that suits your game and has the right kind of flair. Look for something that gives a unifying theme and is a good basis for a logo. Keep in mind brand distinction and marketing potential. Mech Hex sounds like Battletech meets Neuroshima Hex. Bad example, but if you have a scrapyard theme then maybe that leads you to verdigris, which in turn becomes Verdigris League. You have a color scheme for your packaging, a name that will grab the attention of Pokemon types, and so forth.

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+1 @ Soulfinger. Just start

+1 @ Soulfinger.

Just start rummaging through terms, and thesauruses until you find something that clicks and rolls nicely off the tongue. Tryign to build from what you already have is only going to give you something sub-par.

Open the doors to anything, and just start rambling off ideas. When naming our game, we went through probably 50+ possibilities, and had 3 different working titles before getting to Greyscape.

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LordBrand wrote:Open the

LordBrand wrote:
Open the doors to anything, and just start rambling off ideas. When naming our game, we went through probably 50+ possibilities, and had 3 different working titles before getting to Greyscape.

I'm actually kind of surprised you went with that name. According to Wikipedia (because I'm too lazy to cite a real source), "In Europe and the United States, surveys show that grey is the color [not a color, it's a shade] most commonly associated with conformity, boredom, uncertainty, old age, indifference, and modesty. Only one percent of respondents chose it as their favorite color." It is the color of neutrality, often associated with oppression, bland architecture, bad weather . . . and elephants, I guess.

To me, the name "Greyscape" evokes an image of a limbo-type setting, maybe a game where players are tasked with adding color to a bland and dreary Soviet housing complex. Maybe instead its about alien abduction, or a grey goo scenario with nanobots deconstructing the world to build more of themselves. D&D players may consciously or subconsciously register it as a fusion of Greyhawk and Planescape, two of the most popular settings. I don't intend any offense with all of this, but saying out loud, "Hey guys, wanna play Greyscape?" doesn't sound like a serious or promising invitation.

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Strong feedback. My

Strong feedback.

My playtesters haven't had that concern yet. I'll post the thoughts in a different thread so I don't hijack this one.

And here I was worried that it would be problematic because of Grey vs Gray. (;

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