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Need advice on playing piece........

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I have created a mobile phone hacking game and need to make the playing pieces feel / look like mobile phone numbers........

Any ideas / advice would be much appreciated.

I am currently play testing with Scrabble style numbered tiles!


Below are the game details:

Phone Hacker

Hack your opponent's phone, before they Hack yours!

80 playing pieces

1. Place 11 digits (012 3456 7890) face up so all players can see (this is the hackers number)
2. Place the rest of the pieces face down and mix them up
3. Players take 11 playing pieces each
4. Place the remaining spare pieces face up
5. Secretly arrange your 11 digits into a phone number
6. The youngest player begins the game by re-arranging the hackers number
7. Players take turns in a clockwise direction

Start - All players now check if the hackers digits matches their digits if any match in the same location, they must reveal that digit in their own phone number by placing it face up!

The next player can choose to either:
A: Re-arrange the hackers number then back to Start
B: Pick up one spare digit (between 0 - 9) and select an opponent asking them aloud if they have that digit anywhere within their phone number?

If the answer is 'NO' then add that digit to the end of the hackers number plus replace the first digit of the hackers number back with the spare pieces then back to Start

If the answer is 'YES' then ask which position (the opponent must reveal the first matching digit starting from the end of their phone number backwards) then swap that digit into the same position within the hackers number, replacing the removed digit back with the spare pieces then back to Start

When a players phone number is fully hacked they are out of the game

The winner is the last remaining player who avoided having their phone number hacked

When answering an opponent's question, you must tell the truth.
Standard Play - You may take notes
Advanced Play - You may NOT take any notes

2 - 6 Players / Ages 8+ / Average play time 20 minutes

A game of Tactics, Memory, Risk, Intuition plus a little bit of luck!

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Classic 'Hacking' Look

I know that it's not like a modern cell phone, but when I think hacking I sill think of glowing green numbers, a black background, and seven-segment displays. I found a cool seven segment font here:

Also, I had some trouble following along with the directions, and would appreciate an addition to the introduction that describes, in very general terms, what you will be doing. It's great thematically, but a second paragraph describing the basic mechanic, like 'using memory and clever guess work, deduce your opponents' phone number before they guess yours' might make more comprehensible on a first read-through. An example of a round of play might help as well.

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Thank you for your reply :)

Thank you for your reply :)

I agree that the old digital style glowing green on black fonts give the hackers appearance however, not really that modern or phone like!

Hummmm I am not sure.........please help people!

I like your 'describing paragraph' but wanted to keep the overall text to an absolute minimum....

How about combining yours and mine together to get:

"Players try to hack each others phone numbers using Memory, Intuition, Tactics and clever guess work to deduce their opponent's phone number before they guess yours!"

I was also thinking about having a cartoon animated explainer video made to explain the game play.....anyone here tried that?

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