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Need some help with piece and theme

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In my game I have 3 pieces. I'm aiming for a fantasy feudal japan (or fantasy medieval) theme but I don't seem to be able to fit this piece in it.

Ninja/Rogue piece can jump other pieces and attack only from behind.
Lancer/Pikemen piece attacks forward.
My other piece can only attack from the flanks. It is the best defensive piece, but also good on the offense. I thought about horseman, as they are weak against pikeman unless they flank them, but it would make no sense that they could not attack the ninja piece.

Any advice/thoughts?

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Just straight up swordsmen (or Ronin)?

Personally, I often think of Pikemen / or other spear like melee with reach as being the best on straight up defense (unless flanked), as they can out reach other units.

If you weren't going Japanese, something with a shield might work.

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Samurai used large shields

Samurai used large shields known as tate when fighting with bows. Could your flank people have range at all? That would make sense for their inability to attack the sneaky ninja. And their defensiveness, and their sideatude

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Maybe Shield and Flail?

Maybe Shield and Flail? Glaive? Monks with Staves? Shotel? Kama? Sai? Hook Sword? <- I highly recommend. Also, the double crescent sword. (It looks like a bar'leth, a klingon weapon)

Honestly, since it's your game, you can just make up a unit. It doesn't have to be historically accurate unless it's based on a certain pre-exsisting battle. Who's going to tell you you're wrong for making a unit do something that they themselves don't know. I hope my list helps.

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