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[POLL] Customizable Card Game Theme

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I am currently in the process of creating a customizable card game. I have a huge passion for card games and would like to make something I really enjoy and that I could possibly do a kickstarter campaign for in the future or talk to publishers about in the future when I feel the game is ready. I have several themes I’d like to go with, but am having difficulty lowering it to one so I decided to make a poll. If anyone would like to take the poll that’d be wonderful. Thank you everyone.


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My suggestion

I didn’t take your survey but here is my opinion.

Seeing that you have great themes here, I would take time to create each theme in their own game by themselves. Each theme has tons of potential. No matter if the game style is already out there online or on the store shelves in some FLGS, then design each theme in your own way. Be creative, think differently then the other games out there.

Or put all of your themes in a huge storyline from one theme to another.

Or just design one theme that your truly invested in. Don’t rush the design. There are tons of ways of prototyping cards. Choose the best simple solution that fits your financial needs.

For me, I would do each theme as a different game and then somehow connect each game. But that’s me.


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My suggestion, make a stand

My suggestion, make a stand alone card game, not a collectible card game.

Base game with expansions, or stand alone expansions is OK. Take a look at "Star Realms" for a good example.

Else for the collectible stuff, leave it for the big companies.

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Thank you for your input. I

Thank you for your input. I definitely agree that it’d be a bad idea to try to make the game into a collectible/trading card game. I feel it is an outdated sales model and would never get into a new game with that model these days when there are plenty of high quality Living Card Games and similar non-collectible Customizable Card Games these days so I wouldn’t expect potentional players to try to buy into that model either.

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Those are all very broad

Those are all very broad themes.. surely you have one you like personally.

If you're looking toward Kickstarter eventually, think about what's marketable. Maybe search current KS projects to see what the competition looks like in each genre.

That said, "golden age of cartoons" seems like it would be very difficult to do without copyright violations (and the audience might also be more limited)

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Thanks for the feedback. Yeah

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah as far as Golden Age of Cartoons go I am thinking about creating my own universe for that (Or really any of the themes) similar to how Cuphead is a video game inspired by classic cartoons, but has its own characters.

I enjoy all of the themes so I’d have a great time creating a universe and game around any of them.

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