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Rock/Paper/Scissors theme ideas

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Hi all

I am trying to work on the theme for the game I am working on, and it is has taken several iterations in the past few months and wanted to hear other people’s opinions.

If you were to assign the titles War/Drugs/Love to Rock/Paper/Scissors, which do you think would be which an why?

The current theme I’m working with is sort of punky and I’m going for a ‘corrupt earth’ kinda vibe, so maybe there are better associations I should be articulating? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Whooaah! Simple but

Whooaah! Simple but interesting question.
And the answer is hard to give.

I don't really think that love will conquer over war, or drugs. It would rather tey to neutralize as much as possible. But winning over the 2 bad sides? I don't know.

How do you have in mind what the 3 pilars will be in mechanics?

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One Option

Here's one way to look at it.

War Beats Love. Life is on the line and self-preservation and survival becomes the priority.
Love Beats Drugs. When there are people around you who care for your well-being, you prefer to be in the here-and-now.
Drugs Beats War. You escape from the magnitude and negative effects of conflict by being in an altered state.

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Mechanically, it’s a card

Mechanically, it’s a card game with dice to resolve combat. Each card will have an advantage (R/P/S). In combat you roll a D6 and are successful if you roll a certain number if the opposing card is weak against you.
(EG: My rock card attacks my opponents Scissor card. On a D6, Rock is the number six. If I roll a 6 in this attack, it is successful.)
However, any card has a chance at success in combat (2 & 3 are also successes but are generic) The idea is if you have advantage over an opposing card, you have more chance at success (so in my example, the roll would actually be successful on a 2, 3, or 6 – 50% chance of success). That’s the basic idea at least. Rather than Rock always beats scissors, it simply has more of a chance to do so.

Thematically, this plays out in that War smothers love, and love can conquer drugs, but drugs can dull combatants in a war.

My working title is ‘No one wins’.

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