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Theme Suggestions For Variable Win Conditions Game

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I’m trying to find a fitting theme for a game where each player has a leader character who ha so specific goal unique to that character, but also they can win the game by defeating the enemy leaders. Also there are other characters on the leader’s team that help them achieve their goal or help them defeat the enemy leaders.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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This could apply to any sort of theme, ranging from neighborhood lemonade stands to global thermonuclear war.

Any idea of the theme you're trying to include? Or is this wide open?

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The game requires something

The game requires something that can involve combat as it involves players being able to attack and defend attacks with their characters. Otherwise it is pretty wide open as far as possibilities go. Some examples of the types of victory conditions involved include.

If this character destroys 3 or more enemy characters, you win the game.

If supporting characters you control don't have damage, put a progress token on this leader. Then, if it has 3 or more progress tokens, you win the game.

If you have no cards in your deck you win the game.


And to be clear as well, it is a card game.

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This could apply very broadly

As LOS said, there are a lot of candidates here.

You could have a more cut-throat version of Villainous that allows you to actually attack opponents. Could be a mafia theme, supervillains, etc.

Maybe the successors to a failed state trying to set up their visions of utopia. Could be a political theme, warfare theme, post-apocalyptic theme, etc.

Colonization seems possible, though you'd need to explain why the factions can't simply fan out and avoid each other. Maybe this is the only habitable planet after Earth was lost. Or it is Earth and the aliens lost their world (like the Defiance series).

Could be Ways of Thought trying to persuade the masses, which can skew religious, scientific, social, etc. One example was the backstory to the RPGs Mage: The Ascension and Mage: The Sorcerer's Crusade.

Lots of possibilities.

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Thank you for the

Thank you for the suggestions, yeah lots of directions to go with this for themeing and lots of cool theme ideas. Thank you. :)

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Your mechanics immediately

Your mechanics immediately made me think of the DC deckbuilder game. Check it out if you haven't. I also agree with the other posters. any theme can fit with this. The better question is, what kind of feeling do you want this game to have? A serious/action feel, dramatic story-telling? Maybe comedy or dark humor?

Deciding on that could help lead you toward a theme that could highlight those sorts of feelings. Also, what theme do you know alot about? I think it's helpful and easier to be more thorough if you use a theme that's already close to your heart.

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