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VP and Game Titling Issues

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I am currently working on a game about the Solar System. There are two planes to the game, the physical plane, where the actual planets are actually orbiting the Sun (the scoring track), and the metaphysical plane, where the astral embodiments of the planets ("gods") are battling to be closest to the Sun (the fighting/main board). It's a tile combat game with resource control/unique tiles/unique player starts based on the Planets. The tiles that players fight with are Constellations, so they're built from Stars, which are the main currency of the game, and they use Energy to move around. The Planets can't move and players are trying to attack other players' Planets to jockey for position around the sun on the scoring track, with closer positions being easier to gain points and farther being the opposite.

I have two issues with names, one with the name of the unit of scoring that players receive for completing a full rotation around the Sun on the scoring track (the main method of determining the victor of the game), and one for the title of the game itself. Currently, I am considering the following for the main scoring unit, based on the knowledge that the planets are trying to be close to the Sun and are making full revolutions around it:

*Sun Point

And here are my current ideas for the game itself, but nothing's necessarily jumping out at me:

*Orbit (Current Working Title)
*Stars and Planets
*Of Stars and Planets
*A Game of Stars and Planets
*Star Fight
*Favor of the Sun
*Revolutionary Movement
*The Solar System
*Shadow of the Sun

Thanks for your time!

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Shadow of the Sun

The reason I picked this is because it makes sense. You are trying to get in "the shadow of the sun" by getting closest to it.

It also sounds mysterious and acts as a cool oxymoron that sort of fits the theme I guess (maybe I'm talking out of my butt).

Every other title seems too "spacey". It seems your theme is based more on mythology?

Anyways... thats my input.


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Thanks for your input! My only worry with Shadow of the Sun is that Shadows over Camelot has such a strong pull on the word Shadow, that I fear it'll cloud peoples' judgement on my game as the name Imperial Settlers has mildly impaired the popularity of that game (in my opinion, because Settlers and Imperial both ring so strongly from powerful games in the past).

I like the idea of the name Shadow of the Sun, because it scratches the itch of Space-theme and metaphysical-theme (the personification of the Sun as a tall or broad character who casts a shadow on its inferiors), but the game really does center more fully on Space, so I lean towards more spacey titles from that.

Thanks again for your suggestion!

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I recalled a TV program I

I recalled a TV program I watched earlier this year - "Secrets of the Solar System" by BBC. It actually demonstrated how planets in our solar system are formed and moved into their current locations. And yes, their orbits were not the same in the past as they are now. Planets did somehow "compete" for the orbits, and those who are large enough can actually bump others out of their original orbits. There is a vivid term describing this - "Cosmic Pinball", and I think it can be a very interesting game title if copyright would't kick in. It is also more spacey :p

In regards to the name of VP, I think stardust is old-school yet meaningful under your current theme. In order for a planet to become the best (largest and meanest), it has to collect as much weight as possible from the gas/dust disc surrounding the sun when orbiting around it. This will also prevent other planets from growing.

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