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What do you think of the feel of this box art?

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The game is a co-op gladiatorial combat game. What do you Like or hate? Thanks for the feedback!

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Cheap (For a box art that is - it could have worked for a card). Feels unfinished. Clothing is drawn in a way as if the character was static, thought he is jumping.
What's the planned price tag of the game?

Is it fantasy setting or is it supposed to be ancient Rome? Sabres with such hand guard are not going to be introduced for centuries.

Sorry, if I sound harsh.

Joined: 01/29/2015
Not harsh. That feedback is

Not harsh. That feedback is monumentally helpful. I'm not sure if the price tag yet.

The game i based off of Ancient Rome, but not strictly adhering to the time frame.

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Not good

Even though the head of the gladiator is tucked in, it's a hard read. If you can't get "realistic", go "cartoony" or "exaggerated".

To me, this looks like the art of a student.

If the look of the cover can't be achieved, try doing minimalist (total black) with a large pic of the gladiator helmet worn and bloodied under a directional light.

Michael Melkonian
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I basically agree with what

I basically agree with what everyone else said. I'm assuming this is art that you did yourself or got a friend to do for free? I would say that you should really invest some of budget into hiring an artist. Also, a trend I've noticed on box art is to have one of the characters looking at the person holding the box, maybe incorporate that? I'm thinking of the Istanbul and Splendor covers off the top of my head.

Neil Googe
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I agree with whats been said above

If you can't afford to get the look you are after, start to look at different approaches. This isn't the worst image I have even seen used for a product, but it will under sell what you are trying to do.

One of the smartest approaches to art I have seen in recent years was on Apocalypse World, the RPG, took a super stylised, high contrast approach to their art which hid any flaws or the fact they may have traced certain photos etc.

Trivium (i believe it was called) a Cthulhu approach to Apocalypse World took that too the next level by sourcing stock photos or free to use photos and then did the same thing, quick trace in photoshop and viola, great stylised art.

All the images added here I found within less than a minute by type stock photo gladiator... a lot of images come up, these were just the first I spotted.

Yes, other people could use the same art, but the photo would be cheap to by and then you can adjust it anyway you like... it would definitely be worth it.


Hmm seems I cant add an image, so heres a link.

Gladiator Stock Photo

This photo is a completely free stock photo... easy to start playing around with in photoshop...

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