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Lunchtime Game Challenge - Winner Announced!

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The Game Crafter - Board Game Design Contest - Lunchtime Game Challenge

There were 77 entries submitted to our Lunchtime Game Challenge, but there can be only 1 winner! Congratulations to Little Rhombus Games for winning the game design contest with their game, Locked Out.

See the official announcement at to learn more and to read the judges feedback for finalists.

If you are looking to participate in a new game design contest, we just announced our Table Presence Challenge yesterday. Learn more at

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Congratultions to all the finalists ... But...

In all fairness, it seems like the game that was chosen the winner could be a VERSION of "The Captain is Dead!". I'm not saying that it IS... I'm just saying that the game's composition or subject matter is very CLOSE to "The Captain is Dead!" OR perhaps a some kind of expansion that COULD built upon...

How do I get that???

Well instead of not knowing what the Crew was "transporting", it could have been players are transporting in-mates to a penal colony on Mars (or wherever) and then you would have a VARIATION on "The Captain is Dead!"

I just got the feeling of "The Captain is Dead!" when I read the description of a Starship that somehow gets damage and requires the "cargo" (eg. the in-mates) to repair their ship ... And what resume course? Or flee to freedom??

This might not even have been considered in the CONTEST.

I might be the first person to ever point this out! And maybe it's just me that sees parallels between both games. Again, I'm not saying it is a expansion of "The Captain is Dead!", I just felt a sincere similarity... That's all... Could be my misinterpretation TBH.

Again congratulations to "Little Rhombus Games" for winning the contest!

Note #1: I don't want to feel like I am taking anything away from the WINNER...! It's just it could be a VARIANT of "The Captain is Dead!" in which instead of Aliens, the in-mates are the trouble makers and the REASON for the "Captain's Death"... Now that SOUNDS real plausible!!!

Instead of reaching the Penal Colony, one of the in-mate escapes and somehow manages to free his fellow prisoner and they manage to CAPTURE and KILL the "Captain" in that process... Now all kinds of on-board trouble is being MADE by the in-mates in a fight for FREEDOM rather than be sent to prison.

Something like that. JT might want to sit down with "Little Rhombus Games" and see if they can maybe put together a newer VERSION or some kind of ADD-ON to the core game (IDK I've only watch videos and listen to people talk about "The Captain is Dead!" so I'm not the best person to assess this...)

I see it as PROBABLE content for some KIND of "expansion" TBH. I would give this "expansion" idea the name: "The Problems with Freedom". Hahaha. Anyhow I am not part of the crew (pun intended!) so I'll let you guys think about it and work it out (or not)!

Cheers all.

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