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New Board Game Pieces at The Game Crafter - D8 Compass Dice

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The Game Crafter
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The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces - D8 Compass Dice

We added D8 Compass Dice to our Board Game Pieces Shop! These are 8-sided black plastic dice showing 4 cardinal directions & 4 intermediate directions. (N, E, W, S, NE, NW, SE, SW) 17mm meeple included for scale. Available at

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Wow that's pretty COOL!

My only problem is that there are only 29 of them in-stock ... And will for the most part be used for prototyping and then you'd need to find a source in China to manufacture more (for your own game).

So it's SUPER COOL... Just a bit "downer" on the quantity in-hand and no real usage for a product on the TGC platform (Because of insufficient quantities to manufacture a TGC game with the die)...

Again still AMAZINGLY cool! But... realistically impractical (again I like it majorly ... I just could not use this part in a TGC game and so that's the opposite reality). Maybe I'll pick one up next time I place an order, if there are anymore of those dice left-over!


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Big spender...

Yup ... I just had to BUY this DIE! This will be great for a prototype that I am working on which uses a 5 x 5 tile grid and units that move around from one location to the next. The direction die (d8) could be potentially used to move tokens from one tile to the next.

Since this is an "Investigative" game, makes sense that "Investigators" go from one location to the next according to their "drive" (in cars). I was a bit worried about the movement mechanic... I thought RANDOM die rolling was a bit ODD. Like why would you roll a 10 and go to THIS "location" when you could be patrolling from Location "A" to Location "B" and from there to "C".

The directional dice could allow for movement to possible and since there are several "cars" in the game (Investigators) ... It makes sense that they should PATROL around the "city"!

Anyways was a $10 dice purchase. But I wanted one of these to see how the game plays with it... (Prototype not complete as of today ... Just a concept of basic ideas)!

Thanks for sharing this with us. Great for prototypes...!

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Well I've got my "Tile City" as a concept and have various "Locations". Now what I needed was a both "interesting" and "re-enforced" reasons to encourage players to MOVE around the city.

To quickly sum things up...

questccg wrote:
You roll the Custom Direction die (D8) with a pair of Custom White Distance Dice (2D6).

To travel requires a few things:

1. You need to roll a direction that matches your desired destination.

2. If you roll a pair of dice for the distance, how does that work?

Each card has "4" Distance values (1-5). But in order to travel DIAGONALLY, you need to have HIGHER than the combine value of the two sides of the game tile being travelled to.

So if SOUTH = 1 and EAST = 3. SOUTH-EAST = 4 (1 + 3). It's as simple as that and BRILLIANT thanks to your custom D8 die.

Thank you ... I'm working some more on this design... Still got refining to do. But not in the Travel Mechanics. And that is thanks to this small but important D8 die!

Cheers and thanks a lot TGC!

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Possible reasons for movements

Possible reasons for movement:

Obtain clues, see informants/witnesses, pursue a suspect, run away from a well armed suspect, coordinate ambush/booby trap of a well armed suspect, gas, medical attention, ammo, vehicle upgrades, obtain special equipment, take captured suspect to the police, trade with other investigators, Impede other investigators movement /prevent your own movement impediment (especially depending on the movement rules), move to allow easier movement next turn (a traffic circle lets guarantees choice of direction, freeway allows investigators to travel two spots instead of one), investigate an ongoing crime or suspected ongoing crime (like points of interest in Flashpoint ), stake out a suspect, be at a spot where a crime is going to occur, depending on the time setting communication via payphones and or police call

Good luck with your game.

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