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Castle Panic - Epic Bosses

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Hi. Castle Panic is a fun (and fairly simple) cooperative game where hordes of monsters on a circular (6-segment x 5-ring) board converge on the castle in the middle. As usual, my kids can't leave well-enough alone, so we've added some extra bosses to the game, with a new way to trigger them. This does make the game a bit harder to win, so we usually play with the "All For One" variant explained in the rules.

Epic Bosses Castle Panic Variant
- Shuffle one Order Of Play card into the deck. Whenever this card is drawn, the player reveals it, puts it in the discard pile, and draws another card to replace it. When this happens, place an Epic Boss on the board _instead_ of drawing the usual Monster tokens at the end of turn.
- Roll a die to determine which Epic Boss shows up (see list below). Use a face down Monster token to represent him (taken from monsters killed by walls, towers, or boulders). If none are available, use some other token or a die to represent him. Roll as usual to determine which segment he starts in. Use a die to represent his remaining damage points.
- Epic Bosses are worth 5 victory points each.

Epic Bosses:
1: Dragon, 3 damage points. When placed in the Forest, he breaths fire and destroys the first two objects in his segment. This may be a combination of monsters, walls, and towers.
2: Black Knight, 2 damage points. Moves 2 spaces forward per turn.
3: Hydra, 5 damage points. (Lots of heads.)
4: Will o' Wisp, 2 damage points. Roll a new segment each time it moves one ring forward.
5: War Turtle, 2 damage points. When placed in the Forest, draw a Monster token at random and put it underneath the War Turtle without looking at it. It moves with the War Turtle and may not be attacked. When the War Turtle is killed, reveal the Monster token.
6: Ooze, 2 damage points. Regenerates 1 damage point (if still alive) immediately before movement.

Note that the Order Of Play card can show up again each time the deck gets reshuffled. This certainly adds to the tension when you're getting close to the end of the game and there's a chance the Epic Boss will show up.

Enjoy! And if you have suggestions for other Epic Bosses, please post them!

- Qwib

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