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dominoes freecell solitaire

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i like the mechanics of freecell card game but i don't win enough LOL so i adapted the rules to dominoes :) the 1 page pdf file has the 3 figures, i couldn't get them to load in this post

Dominoes Freecell Solitaire is based on the Freecell card game. Fun & challenging for double 6,9,12 sets.

Place all tiles with blank or empty pip count face up in numerical order. Shuffle the remaining tiles and place them face up in stacks of 3 or 4 underneath the empty pip count tiles. Leave space under the double empty tile unoccupied. Tiles are always placed with the higher pip count on top. The top pip is considered the "suit" and the bottom pip is considered the "rank". See Figure 1.

To win all the tiles must be stacked above their top pip matching suit in numerical order, see Figure 3. Single bottom tiles and stacked tiles in descending rank order can be moved under another bottom tile in descending rank order. The double empty pip count tile is "free" and can accept any tile or stack of tiles. Other stacks are also free after all tiles have been moved. Figure 2 shows layout after these moves - tile 3/1 (where 3 is the top pip count and 1 is the bottom pip count) moved up, tile 4/2 moved under tile 3/3, tile 4/1 moved up, tile 4/2 moved up, tile 5/3 moved under tile 6/4 giving a new free cell. Play continues until you are stuck or win !!

Basic approach works fine with different sizes of domino sets. Double 6 is fairly easy. Double 9,12 are more difficult and may need more free cells to avoid getting stuck. Setup for double 9 should have 5 tiles under the empty pips etc. Restricting the tile moves to same top pip or suit is more difficult. Restricting the number of stacked tiles to move to the number of free cells (+1) is more difficult but this is how the card game works.


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