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Game of Thrones meets Axis and Allies

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I am in the process of making a game of thrones variant for Axis and allies. The biggest thing I'm debating is what scenario to have it in. The war of 5 kings would be best but i would like it to be 6 players. Anyone have any suggestions or comments on the scenario or the idea of the variat as a whole? I'd love to hear them

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Briljant idea!!

I see title.

Briljant idea!!

As how I see it, you simply use the mechanics of A&A and apply a Game of Thrones theme.
If you need 6 kings, simply do so? You have to rewrite some stuff to re-balance the game.
I think, you should also draw a new board.
But further than that, I like the idea. And am curious how it will turn out.

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Yeah I'm in the works making

Yeah I'm in the works making the new map but I was going to try and make the theme fit the books/show. But I don't know how I could have 6 or more factions all have a reason to fight at the same time. I'm thinking Stark Lannister Baratheon Greyjoy Martell Targarian and Nights Watch. But theme wise, they are never all able to fight eachother. Am I wrong? Or can someone think of an okay way to have all 7 of those houses possibly at war with each other?

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Hey! Came across this because I was thinking about making a Game of Thrones themed Axis and Allies board for a gift (I'm an artist - not gamer). I have since realized that it might be more complicated than just making a board (I have minimal A&A knowledge). BUT I saw your post and was curious to discuss it with you if you're interested!

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Quote:But I don't know how I

But I don't know how I could have 6 or more factions all have a reason to fight at the same time.

I only saw the TV series, and yes the GOT board game does not reflect much the conflict in the story. In fact in the story, you rarely fight between more than 3 factions at the same time.

It depends how much accurate to the story you want to be.

Do you want to use the exact same rules or you want to add political/influence mechanics to the game?

I did not liked much FFG GOT's game, I played the stark and felt stuck in my area all the time. The conflicts were meaningless and some mechanics were too much abstract.

It was supposely a negotiation game, but I imagine it depended on your group because no negotiation appeared in our game.

If you want to add negotiation, you could allow combined attacks and defense by 2 players for example.

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