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informal piecepack challenge

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for a while now i have been using the piecepack system as the starting point for my games. I have mentioned the system on bgdf before but i thought i would try to expand its reach.
for those who have never heard of it the piecepack is a gaming system. in the same way you can use a pack of cards to play thousands of card games the piecepack can be used to play board games.
the piecepack is in the public domain, again like a pack of cards so anyone can make or sell them. anyone can design a game and put it on line, for others to play for free (legally i believe you retain the rights to the game- like publishing a free print and play so you can make a "real" game later)
for a more detailed explanation (and to add games) you can go to or (or bgg) but here are the basics.
piecepack uses 4 suits (red suns, black moons, yellow crowns and blue fleur de lys) but there are many alternatives.
24 tiles, numbered 0-5 in 4 suits with a 2x2 grid on the reverse
24 coins, numbered 0-5 on the front and a suit on the back
4 D6 dice numbered 0-5 to match the suits and 4 pawns
the tiles are 2" x 2" and all the other bits are sized to fit within the small squares on the back.

you can buy a piecepack from a few online retailers (like the game crafter) or if you are feeling creative (and im sure you are, because your on this forum) you can make your own. i made mine with pre-cut wood from ebay and some printed stickers but you can make it out of card.

i tend to use my pack as the start of a design then add other components as needed. if i get to the stage where i want to make it fancier i will swap out the generic components for custom (eg a nice board) but if not i haven't wasted alot of time.

so i issue an unofficial challenge to all designers.
can you design a piecepack game?

any extra pieces should be easily available (standard dice, dominoes, poker chips etc).
i should also give credit to james kyle the designer of the system

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Thanks for posting this on here, wob! I ought to take a serious look at it and see if I can come up with something myself. I appreciate the history and links. :)

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your welcome. there are about

your welcome.
there are about 150 games that have been "published" for piecepack, and i have played most of them. some are awesome (like alien city) others not so much. my young nephew has made one of the latter, but he had fun.
in the summer im planning a giant garden set, maybe with 1m tiles.

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What an interesting idea;

What an interesting idea; I'll need to take a closer look at it and see what I can do

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I love the idea of this. I

I love the idea of this. I could see with some better website design this whole concept really taking off.

It would be cool to allow people to rate different games so that the better designed games would receive more recognition.

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yes its a shame it didn't

yes its a shame it didn't make a bigger impact, especially as mr kyle was so generous in giving up all rights. i think the lack of marketing is the reason, there was no reason for companies to promote it.

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