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Boston FIG Game Design Contest

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Dear board game designers,

Introducing the Boston Festival of Indie Games Design Showcase!
New in 2013, we welcome submissions of board, card, and tabletop games to our competitive section of the showcase. The eligible submissions have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • All types of games can be submitted, except solitaires, brain-teasers and expansions of existing games.
  • The game has been released after October 2012 or is a prototype still in production.
  • The game should be independently produced and published.
  • Games should be produced in the New England and neighboring areas, including New York, Quebec and most states in the East Coast.
  • It is recommended to send games whose playing time does not exceed 45 to 60 minutes, because these are best for the showcase.
  • Game content and other materials are owned solely by the developer/designers or legal permission obtained to use any other copyrighted material.

You should be ready to come to Cambridge, MA, to demonstrate your game at the festival.

Important dates:

  1. Submission of game rules until June 20th
  2. Notification to designers to send their prototypes until June 22nd
  3. Submission of prototypes until July 13th. This means that anything we receive after the 13th will not be considered for the showcase
  4. Curation is going to be scheduled from June 27th until August 10th
  5. Designers will receive feedback and will be notified until August 15th
  6. Selected designers will be invited for the game design showcase during the festival on September 14th, where the public can vote on their favorite games.
  7. You are allowed to send multiple submissions by registering multiple times through Eventbrite ( Submissions will be contacted after June 20th to send the game separately.

    Complete submission guidelines & timeline can be downloaded through the following link: and on our website

    Do not forget the final day for game submissions: June 20th! Happy designing!

    The Boston FIG team

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