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Hexacago Contest

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This contest is ending soon but I told the organizers that I would post some info about it:

Hexacago is a board game framework that needs games designed to run within it. The goal of the project is to foster social/economic/environmental understanding and change around the Chicago area.

Deadline: December 14th
Prize: 2 winners will be selected each awarded $1000

I asked the organizers some questions:

Q) Should contest entries be limited to common game pieces to facilitate inexpensive distribution of the chosen game? Or can custom pieces be listed for purchase by your organization? Would there be a budget to stay under?

A) We would prefer to use common game pieces to facilitate distribution of these games. However, if the game needs special pieces and its clear from the design please let us know.

Q) How large is the game map? What are the dimensions of the individual hexes?

A) The board is 36 x 24 inches with 3/4 inch hexagons.

Good luck if you decided to enter!

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