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Ludopolis Contest

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Arkiris wrote:
Dear board game designers,

Ludopolis Contest is back in 2013! Every person aged 18 or more may enter the contest, regardless of his nationality or having or not any game published. Only unpublished games will be admitted, and each designer can send up to 3 games. Games that have entered the previous edition of the contest are eligible only if significant changes in the rules have been made. Only board games will be accepted. Preferably, the contest is seeking for family and fast games. So, it is not recommended to send games that exceed 75 minutes (approx.) of game play. Participation is free.

Important dates:
1. Submissions until January 13, 2013.
2. Pre-selection of a maximum of 30 games for the second phase of the contest, until March 10.
3. Preselected Prototypes must be sent until April 5.
4. Selection of a maximum of 10 finalists until June 17.
5. Jury meeting: between 17 de June and July 22 (selection of the winner and, if applicable, of the 2nd and 3rd places).
6. Announcement of Ludopolis Contest winner on July 23.

After searching near some potential partners who presented some proposals, the publisher partner of Ludopolis Contest will be the Portuguese publisher Runadrake ( The winner of 2013 edition will be published through Runadrake in Essen 2013.

But there is more! If the quality of the finalists is considered adequate by the Jury, 1 or 2 games may be also awarded (and published, if their designers wish so). The 2nd place may be published (500 units minimum), and the 3rd place may also be published (250 units minimum).

The complete Regulation may be found here: and soon in the website

Do not forget the final day for game submissions: January 13! Good synapses!

The Ludopolis team

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