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The Mystique Game Design Contest

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Joined: 07/27/2008
The Mystique deck

Hi, all.

The Mystique Game Design Contest has just begun; a competition to design the best games for The Mystique Deck:

The aim of the The Mystique Game Design Contest is to produce the best set of games that human designers can invent for The Mystique Deck. These games might then be used in a future AI experiment to see whether even better games can be found by automated means. We're planning to run such experiment, but we still don't know if this will be possible.

We'll start testing games as soon as they're added to the list. Those that get the highest scores will receive prizes. This is a continuous contest, so there won't be a single winner, and there could be more winners in the coming years.

You can read the contest rules and submit your games here:

I'd also recommend you to get a copy (or two) of the Mystique Deck by fueling it here:

The competition is organised by myself (Néstor Romeral Andrés) and the entries will be judged by:

- The usual nestorgames testers.
- The members of the "UCT For Games and Beyond" project (

Thank you! :)

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