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YOU MAKE THE CARD!! Your card idea printed in the Elemental Clash Master Set!

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You make the Card!!

Fellow game designers, dear friends of fantasy card games!

My game "Elemental Clash: The Master Set" will hit Kickstarter in about a month's time.
Please have a look at some of the cards in my visual card spoiler over at

You will find a lot of other stuff, like game rules or nice desktop wallpapers there as well.

Now what this post is actually about:

In an effort to get as many people as possible involved in the game, I am running a "You make the Card!!" campaign/contest over at the forum of Elemental Clash: The Master Set on BoardGameGeek.
I am offering YOU the unique opportunity to make your personal, lasting contribution to the ever-growing
Elemental Clash "Universe" by accepting card idea submissions from among which 8 cards will be chosen
(by means of public vote) to be included in and printed with the upcoming Elemental Clash Master Set.

So if you are a creative mind and always wanted to contribute your card idea to something many call a great
game, please check out this thread on BGG for more information:

I am looking forward to your many contributions! Please know that everyone will get a pot of 8 Geekgold just for participating / submitting (an) card idea(s)! The "You make the Card" campaign will last until the KS launch and throughout the KS campaign and the winning cards will be chosen after the KS, so you have plenty of time to familiarize yourself with the game rules and cards (which again can all be seen at and come up with some ideas!

Thanks and cheers,


P.S.: If you would like to get the latest news and announcements on Elemental Clash the Master Set AND the upcoming Android/iOS App for the game, please consider "liking" us over at
and/or following us on twitter @elementalclash1 ! :D

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