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[GDS] MARCH 2013 "Turn the Tide" - Critiques

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Use this thread to post constructive critiques of the entries to the March 2013 challenge in the Game Design Showdown, entitled "Turn the Tide".

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A short critiques

I am going to say something nice about every entry of March GDS.

The designer of Fox and Weasel takes this month’s theme not literally but with great creativity. Secret goal is always a good starting point. Crossed and sometimes parallel efforts are the game's potential.

Tide to the Moons. To be a moon and to shake the oceans is a mighty vision. Two moons even mightier. Because they are in opposite positions I suppose card hands will be played somewhat simultaneously to measure gravity forces, not in turns.

Wormhole. A thrilling game and great recycling of a video game idea. I hope this is developed soon and will come available here in a large heavy box. More shooting and less counting points, please.

Waves of the Earth. Driving water to where it naturally should go is a mind-bending task. There must be a clear system to do the job. I see a demanding strategy game idea here. If only there had not been so plenty of cubes.

One Rule Word Game. Well, we must still wait for a new killer word game to appear. Thanks for the votes anyway!

- regzr

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About Fox and Weasel

I really liked the theme and idea behind "Fox and Weasel", I just would have liked to see it streamlined for fewer people and fewer decks of cards.
I see this kind of game working well as a trick-taking game, in which all the cards are dealt out to the players and points are only counted on particular tricks. I think more than anything else I was intimidated by the number of cards, the need to separate them, and the number of people necessary to play the game.
This could be the kind of party game that would appeal to my friends who are usually into Eucher and Hand and Foot.

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thanks a ton for all the

thanks a ton for all the points guys, i can't believe that i actually won my very first GDS, i will give you guess a fair critiques later

As for the amount of cubes, well i hope to make this game digital version sometime, but i suppose you can also use dice if you have them

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