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[GDS] October 2010 "Herculean Task" - Critiques

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Use this thread to post constructive critiques of the entries to the October 2010 Game Design Showdown entitled "Herculean Task".

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Joined: 05/13/2010
It's okay, let me have it

I wasn't mentioned in the winner's announcement in the main thread so I must let you know that I designed the last place game, The Twelve Labors.
I hope people have some critiques and comments on why it didn't work for them or what they didn't like. I'm definitely a beginner at game design, so I need all the help I can get. :)
If you have any questions about why I did something a certain way I'd also be happy to answer.

I don't have any critiques for the other games ready yet other than I really liked how the other three games looked at the theme.

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