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[GDS] OCTOBER 2013 "Balancing the Line" Questions and Comments

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Use this thread for any comments, questions, requests for clarity, etc., regarding the September 2013 Challenge in the Game Design Showdown, entitled "Balancing the Line".


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Hey, I'm new to this contest. Do we copy and paste the text into the message box? Or is there a way of sending you a text file?

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Yes and no

Hi there, Morcac.

Generally you will just copy-paste your entry into the message box and send it that way. However, there are lots of fancy formatting options you should be aware of if you want to spice it up a bit with bold and italics and headings and quotes and all the good stuff.

Below the message entry box is a drop down menu where you can change the input format. By default it is on a limited HTML, which means you can type basic HTML code in the message to change the text.

My personal favorite is Markdown, which uses asterisk marks, numbers for lists, and a lot of other styling abbreviations that make sense and are easy to implement. If you type your message Markdown notation in the text, make sure to select "Markdown" from the "input format" drop down list.

There are some freeware writers that save as Markdown while giving you a familiar interface to work with. But for quick and dirty "see what it looks like as I type it, but I have to know Markdown already" try his link (which I am embedding easily using Markdown).

In short, copy paste into the message box. :)

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Voting is closed!

Wobbly Towers squeezed out a victory this month, earning only a single gold medal more than the runners-up.
It was a close tie for second, evenly split between Flicking DIY and Fire! Fire!
Good job all the way around!

  1. Wobbly Towers:
  2. Flicking DIY:
  3. Fire! Fire!:
  4. The Flicked Element:
  5. Wedding Cake:
  6. Russian Roulette:
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