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[GDS] OCTOBER 2016 "A Classic Spin" - Critiques

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We have a winner!

Loco Crazy by gilamonster

Some good discussion following the September challenge. Discussion is where it's at now. Our feedback is the only reward these designers get, so let's make it good.

Game Score Discussion
Loco Crazy
by gilamonster
9 pts Oct 21
A Round Tuit
8 pts Oct 22
Patient Reloaded
by BoardGent
7 pts Oct 23
Sorry Forest
by andymorris
6 pts Oct 24
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Good job gilamonster, congrats on coming first. I voted gold for your entry. I really like the use of dice as pawns. I think it makes the movement much more interesting the way you've setup the game. I think the pickup/deliver concept on the ludo board is a really good fit.

I'd be a bit concerned about how fiddly the movement might get as you have to shift your dice around plus several cubes. I think you could have a train piece where you set the dice and cubes to hold them. That way they would move as a unit.

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Thanks for the complements

Thanks for the complements and positive comments, Andy!

Your suggestion about train pieces is a very good one - because apart from the definite practical advantages, this would certainly improve the look of the game (imagine little model steam locomotives with open-topped drivers' compartments to hold the dice, and wagons of cubes behind)

I gave Sorry Forest a number two position after a lot of back-and-fourthing between this and incidental - it was too close to call for me. I eventually chose the latter more for its cleverness of interpretation, rather than because I'd prefer to play it. I particularly liked the ideas of a modular board and using resources for territory control.

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Operation thoughts

I like the addition of a variable timer in reloaded. That is certainly a good fit. The robot theme is good, but overall it just felt like a refacing of the original game. I felt like there needs to be more happening with cards.

The title was great for incidental. I also really like the adaptation of don't touch don't metal to metal from grabbing to sliding. If I followed it correctly, I feel the sequence of everyone setting up the patient and then cleaning the patient, might get a bit tedious.

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Loco Crazy feedback

This was a great way to answer the challenge, and a very natural evolution for Ludo.

(+) The evolution from Ludo into a pickup and deliver game is very natural. The mechanics are smooth and flow naturally from movement around the board. This could be a great starter version of a pickup and deliver game. The ability to ram other engines and so derail (heh heh) a shipment is a great addition.

(-) I'm not sure it really meets the second requirement of the challenge. Players have a hand of cards and manipulate cubes, but the game involves neither hand nor resource management. Keeping the waybills secret seems like an arbitrary complication that really doesn't add any tension to the game over having them be public knowledge.

(=) I'd definitely try to teach this to new or young gamers. The combination of waybills and movement options adds enough complexity to intrigue me without going full-on "Ticket to Ride".

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