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[GDS] September 2011 "Stick Around" - Post-GDS

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So... is anybody happy enough with their idea to continue to develop it?

Now that the GDS is over, the gloves are off - no more restrictions. How would you change your entry if you were to continue to work on it? Is there a better way to get effective permanence without getting literal permanence? For example, rather than physically creating or destroying game elements, is there a way you can record that information game-to-game while maintaining the ability to start over from scratch with a new group (without having to purchase a new copy of the game)?

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That depends.

That depends. Are you interested in publishing any of them? :)

I actually talked at length about my regrets, missed opportunities, and cuts-for-space-and-complexity in the critique thread.

I do think that my game (Over There) would really work best if it was permanent and the board and cards got messy, ripped, and marked up over time. That would be most in keeping with the actual destruction caused by WWI and the idea that the overall game, over the course of many battles, came to present the entire war. However, personally, I'm the kind of gamer that likes to sleeve even his silliest card games, and bags everything separately. I'm not sure I'd ever purchase a "permanent" game, even if my favorite games rarely reach the 15+ plays that, say, Risk: Legacy takes to "establish" itself (that is, use up its surprises), if only because the idea of slowly destroying/marking up something I purchased gives me the willies.

So with all the other projects on my plate I'd probably work on those instead of Over There. But heck, if someone was interested in giving me money for a finished version, that would change the equation somewhat...

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I would.

Yuppers. But I think I would concentrate more on the intangible. I wouldn't mind having stickers to put on a board to represent adding rubble, holes, walls and whatever other things might be built or destroyed in an arena but as far as physically destroying a card, well, I'm with ilta, not a fan o'that.

I'm thinking about having a small card that gets carried in a wallet to record plays on one side and equipment on the other. I've still gotta find a way to balance my entry so maybe my fellow denizens will assist.

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