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Disaster Strikes! DHMG Contest Entry

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Dice Hate Me Games is running a contest to find a dexterity table top game.
Our entry will be Disaster Strikes!
Here are the Rules!
Feedback encouraged & appreciated.

Disaster Strikes! Rules
Build your skyscraper and try to survive as your opponents try to bring you down all the while bidding to collect the most fallen meeples in this bidding and dexterity party game.
Players 2-4 Ages 5+ Time: 30 minutes

• 4 City Block Player Boards
• 20 Building Floors
• 80 Meeples in 5 colors
• 1 Hurricane Meter
• 1 Earthquake Meter
• 1 Tornado Meter
• 1 Flood Meter
• 3 Flood Balls
• 1 Flood Cup
• 1 Lightning Bolt
• 1 Disaster Disk
• 1 Disaster Die (Rebuild side + 5 Disaster Sides)
• 1 Bidding Board
• 20 Bidding Chips in 4 player colors

A. Each player takes a City Block Player Board, 5 Building Floors, 5 Bidding Tokens of their color, and 4 meeples of each color
B. Players build their skyscraper in the center of their City Block Board using 4 standing meeples per floor leaving no meeples standing on top of their building.
C. Place the other components in easy reach of all players
D. Randomly determine who goes first

How to Win
The game ends when only 1 building is standing. Players receive points equal to the number of fallen meeples they collected plus 5 bonus points for being the last building standing.

Game Play
On your turn you will…
1. Roll the Disaster Die to see which Action you will execute this turn
2. Choose a target with a standing building (1 or more floor tiles in place)
3. Starting with your target and proceeding to the left, each player bids their 5 Bidding Tokens on which color(s) of meeples they think will fall out of the target building because of this disaster
4. Take the rolled action
5. Target player retrieves collapsed floors
6. The player who bid the most on each color takes the fallen meeples of that color
a. In case of a tie, split the meeples as evenly as possible with the target player assigning leftovers
b. Any meeples of a color not bid on are removed from the game
7. All players retrieve their Bidding Chips and play passes to the player on the left even if their building has been destroyed

Action Descriptions

Earthquake Action
Flick the Disaster Disk along the Earthquake meter. If any part of the disk stops on a number, you get to tap an opponent’s City Block Board the number of times indicated on the Earthquake Meter. If the disk is touching two numbers, use the lower number.
When you tap, your palm all other fingers and your thumb must be on the table as you tap with your index finger.

Flood Action
Flick the Disaster Disk along the Flood meter. Place the indicated number of balls in the cup, then place the cup on the table and tip it over with one finger spilling the balls toward your target.

Hurricane Action
Flick the Disaster Disk along the Hurricane meter. Place your face the indicated number of hand widths from the target building and blow.

Lightning Storm Action
Stand next to the table and hold the Lightning Bolt at shoulder height above the target building, then release it.

Tornado Action
Flick the Disaster Disk along the Tornado meter. Turn the target building the number of City Block sides indicated on the meter.

Repair Action
When this action is rolled, you do not choose a target or bid. Instead you may use your standing building, collected meeples, and floor tiles that have collapsed to rebuild your building from the ground up. No floor may have more than 4 meeples in it, but you could have fewer. All meeples must be placed in the corners of the floors.
Remember that collected meeples equal victory points and only the last building standing gets the 5 point bonus at the end of the game.

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