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Shiver me Timbers

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Hi -

I am currently finalizing my pirate game „Shiver me Timbers“ and would love to collect some additional outside input regarding the concept, the mechanics and the execution.

Here's a link to the current version of the Players Guide:

It would be awesome, if some of you could have a look at it and tell me what you think. The Guide contains images of most components – no finalized art yet, sorry – as well as all the rules and mechanics. If there are any questions left, please just let me know.

(And as I’m not a native speaker, be kind if I butchered the English language in some horrible way. Please let me know where I messed up, I’m really thankful for the proofreading.:-))

Some additional thoughts/explanations:

I’m well aware of the fact that another pirate game is hardly the pinnacle of innovation, but I believe that „Shiver me Timbers“ is different enough to warrant a second look:

1. It’s an open sandbox game (for 2 to 5 players) which grants you total freedom over your buccaneering career. You can focus on fighting, on treasure hunting, on attacking fortresses, on rescuing your abducted family members or simply be the governor’s thug (< which is way more fun than it sounds :-)) to name a few options.

2. The game has a heavy strategic component (choosing secret Victory Conditions at the start of the game, setting-up the board so that it fits your chosen goals) as well as lots of tactical decision making (many opportunities to collect additional Victory Points). Luck is hardly a factor.

3. The ships are represented by modular miniatures which change with every additional cannon, sail or cargo unit you buy. It’s a lot of fun to watch your measly sloop grow into a full-blown war ship. Right now, the 3D printed prototypes still are functional rather than beautiful – but I’m working on that :-)

4. The board is completely modular. That adds to the game’s replay-ability, but also to its strategic depth.

As for the design history up to this point, I’ve been working on the game for abut three years now, though with three small kids at home and a small business to run, it was hardly a fulltime commitment. Up to now, “Shiver me Timbers” has been tested and blind tested about 120 times total by six different groups, so everything ought to be fairly balanced by now.

I’ve presented the game to five publishers so far, two of whom were interested in publishing it, but both deemed my beloved ship minis way too expensive to produce. As I don’t think the game would be the same without the minis, I’m toying with the idea of Kickstartering the game now. The final decision is still pending, but as we’re still waiting for Kickstarter to become available to creators over here in Germany, there’s no need to rush it anyway.

If anyone should be interested in a prototype, simply PM me and I’ll provide you with a PnP version.

OK, so much for now. Thanks a lot for your kind help and your time. :-)


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Game sound fun:) perhaps you

Game sound fun:) perhaps you could have a starter set that includes a less complex mini or even cards to represent the ship then if the game sells well offer a nice detailed set of minis as an add on or expansion. This lets you get the game out there at a decent price but still allows the cool minis to be added if the customer wants. Maybe even would allow for collectability like different ships ect.

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