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20 Years, 20 Lessons. An interesting article on card design by Mtg's Mark Rosewater.

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PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3

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To those who don't watch this.

To those who don't watch this. You are missing a lot!!

I feel that each lesson can be taken 1 by 1 to put your game to a test. I would very like to do this (since I am a mr. Spike) with my game. Just to see how far I have gotten. Of course I understand that all the lessons connect.

Thanks for sharing these video's.

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Thanks for posting this :)

Thanks for posting this, it was a fun watch and read.

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Watched the video

I actually preferred to spend an hour to watch the lessons learned.

I watched it in 3 sittings, not all in 1 shot.

What I found most interesting is HOW they design Series for the game. Like one is all about the undead and Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves, etc. Another one is about Guilds and the various faction found in a Fictional City, etc.

That was really interesting. It also seems like a very sensible approach to designing series for the game.

Anyhow thanks for posting that Greg.

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Great stuff

This is great stuff, with some really interesting insights. Thanks for posting, Greg.

I find it really interesting to cross-reference with advice from other sources and see how the perspectives line up. One thing that jumped out for me was:

"Lesson #13: Make the fun part also the correct strategy to win."

Which is very similar in intent to the mantra often chanted by Gil Hova:

"Incentivise interesting behaviour."

I think I'll have to give the talk another view.

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Fantastic Articles

Thank you for posting these articles. They serve as a "must read" for anyone who enjoys the gaming community and wants to know the history of one of the most successful card games.

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Those cards look fabulous!

Those cards look fabulous! Actually, I'm wondering whether you know someone who can help me with creating similar cards but these should be for education games (more like physics, math, chemistry, history and geography flash cards) for homework website (read more). PM if interested.

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