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Co-designer issues. Advice needed.

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Help!? I don't know what to do. I have a close friend I don't want to lose. We started out designing a game but he's never free and shows little interest lately. I know he's going to be upset but I want to start planning and prototyping with my wife. She's extremely, smart and has been a great sound board for me already. We work well together. My friend will be hurt though due to the fact that we have had several planning sessions together months ago.


Has anyone had to do anything like this?

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It sounds like you guys just

It sounds like you guys just need to talk it out; let him know you're serious about continuing development, you'd like to keep him involved but if he's not into it, just ask if he minds of you keep it going on your own.

He may still get a designer credit if you feel he deserves it (I don't know how much collaboration has occurred, and 99% of the work comes after defining the basic game idea), but his unavailability shouldn't keep you from your creative pursuits. A good friend should understand...

Good luck!

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I agree with Chris. Have a

I agree with Chris. Have a very open and honest conversation. Maybe he doesn't want to work on the project but just doesn't know how to tell you.

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For the future

Okay, this is pretty specific but the concept is sound.
WHENEVER starting a project with someone, always ALWAYS lay the "what, who, what if" out at the start.

I suggest this tool:

Do this as part of the initial brainstorming, since it asks you to clarify the "what" of your project in a simple sentence or two. Of course, if you don't like this tool, use your own method. Point is to ask the questions.

For now, it may be good to bring this up to your friend now, as the people above has indicated.

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