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Victory First Game Design

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Alex Lockhart
Joined: 08/05/2017

While in the process of thinking up ideas for a new game I came up with some ideas for how the game ends and the victory conditions. I liked the idea a lot and then it occurred to me to try working backgrounds. First designing the victory conditions for the game and how the game ends, then working backwards to how the players get to that end. Lastly, coming up with how the game begins.

I think this puts a good focus on making a compelling ending to the game with interesting objectives, instead of trying to tack on a victory point count (or some other tacked on feeling scoring) onto an already existing game design.

I'm sure I am not the first to do this, but what do you guys think of this approach? Do you have any suggestions or had any experiences with this type of game design strategy?

Joined: 01/27/2017
Backward induction

Backward induction is a great way to find out you get there from here. Sometimes a designer's flash of insight might revolve around a specific mechanic, but I'd expect the more common route is something like:

1. Come up with a theme.
2. Halve your productivity at work daydreaming about the game world in increasing detail.
3. Picture how the player's in-game avatars would define "victory."
4. Use backward induction to reason how these avatars would go about achieving "victory."
5. Translate 3 and 4 into game mechanics.
6. Notice a dozen problems with 5 and refine.

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#2 Yea but, I DOUBLE my

Yea but, I DOUBLE my productivity if you consider game design productive!

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