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Who, What, Why? A Game Design Podcast *More posts! Roar! Super blood moon!*

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Hoo boy, have I got content for you!

An entire season has gone by since last I posted and here is what you may have missed.

From the main episodes:

S12.E10 :: Two Computers Walk Into a War
Who, What, Why? S13.E01 :: Let’s Talk About Politics, Baby
Who, What, Why? S13.E02 :: Design and Critique, French Style
Who, What, Why S13.E03 :: Say Cheese, Agricola Animeeples!
Who, What, Why S13.E04 :: Witchcraft? Gamecraft!
Who, What, Why S13.E05 :: Chocolate Chip Pancakes! Order up!
Who, What, Why S13.E06 :: To Infinity and Beyond the Final Frontier
Who, What, Why S13.E07 :: Turn This Interview to 11
Who, What, Why S13.E08 :: Are You Not Entertained, 100110?
Who, What, Why S13.E09 :: He’s Gonna Print You a Game You Won’t Refuse
Who, What, Why S13.E04 :: Witchcraft? Gamecraft!
Who, What, Why S13.E10 :: A Down Time Filler That Doesn’t Require Your Phone

From the Designing Games with Game Designer segments:

W3.E13 :: Who, What, Why with Ignacy Trzewiczek
W3.E14 :: Who, What, Why with Chip Beauvais
W3.E15 :: Who, What, Why with Bruno Faidutti
W3.E16 :: Who, What, Why with Jason Tagmire
W3.E17 :: Who, What, Why with JT Smith
W3.E18 :: Who, What, Why with Scott King
W3.E20 :: Who, What, Why and Brandon Patton

If you listen to the show and like it and have 1 buck you wish to spend a month on it, I am running a patreon campaign. I would be grateful for any support (a pledge or even a share on your social media or with people you speak to in real life). There is no requirement to pledge to continue getting the content for free. This campaign will allow me to provide higher quality audio if it reaches the 1st (and currently only) milestone. I'm open to suggestions for better rewards if you wish to share them with me.

Thanks again for listening or read this thread.

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