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Announcing Wizard Dodgeball

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It's time for Wizard Dodgeball!
-The first available game by Mind the Gap Studios puts you in control of a team of wizards in gym shorts.

[Lynnwood, WA] April 5, 2012 - Welcome to the annual IWDL all-star game! Mind the Gap Studios announces the release of the print-and-play version of its first game, Wizard Dodgeball. Two players will each take control of a team made up of the best wizard dodgeballers from the Interplanar Wizard Dodgeball League and face off in the annual all-star game. Just like the dodgeball you know but far more magical.

This turn-based sports game takes a simplified approach to the traditional pen-and-paper RPG systems it pulls from. Players are each dealt a team of wizards and choose spells based on their team’s stats. There are no tables to look up or spell lists to consult as all the information is in front of you on the cards. This leaves you all the time to focus on your strategy.

Wizard Dodgeball is available now from Mind the Gap Studios. Please visit to find out more and download the files.
Peter Newland
Mind the Gap Studios

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