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Astral Wizards - fantasy online CCG or TCG card game for your ipad and more.

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Astral Wizards

Hello everyone,

We are very happy to announce our new game Astral Wizards:

Astral Wizards is a fantasy online card game combining elements of both tactical and collectible card game (CCG or TCG) for anyone who enjoys the challenges of a magical, mystical world. Playing this game you can pretend to be a mighty wizard and join the epic battle for the possession of astral crystals. Unlike many other CCG games you do not have to eliminate your opponent, but instead you have to compete for the control of magical islands in the astral space. To score a victory it is enough to knock down enemy creatures from opponent island and capture it. As in any CCG playing game each wizard can collect its own unique magic card deck from thousand available common or rare cards and unique artifact cards as well.

Astral Wizards play game provides all CCG fans the opportunity to meet new worthy opponents and good friends to play online wherever and whenever you want. Online Championships with a location based presence will allow players to get together and have a fun.

You will enjoy playing Astral Wizards game at full most of all on your tablets and other mobile devices or laptops as well.

Anyone who is already a fan of the magic card games should absolutely adore this product.

Please visit

Please stay in touch with us on facebook or twitter @AstralWizards. We will share more info later. Thanks!

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