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Hi there,

I'm from the UK, so don't know much about the coverage or exposure that the site gets in the US, but I just spotted (or rather Google alerted me to!) an article about BGDF:

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The site isn't

The site isn't that big right now -- kind of a johnny-come-lately site -- but is getting bigger. The article is decent, and any extra coverage is always good.

Bob Moyer
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Thanks for reading my Column

I appreciate your feedback concerning my column. The members of the BGDF are my acid test. You know board games on a deeper level than anyone else on the planet. If you’re happy with my work, I’ve done my job.

My goal with the site is to examine the multiple facets of the board game industry. I want to profile games that I feel are exceptional, but that’s only one part of my mission. I also want my readers to become familiar with game publishers both large and small (Publisher Profiles), Pittsburgh area retailers (Retailer Profiles), and the design theory behind the games (Design Resources).

I’m far from an expert in this field (which is why I only profile games, I don’t critique them – who am I to critique them?). But I am an active gamer; a former game retailer, and I am a (as of yet unpublished) board game designer. Add to that my 17 plus years as a professional writer and I hope I bring something worthwhile to the webpage.

If you have the time to read my articles, I would greatly appreciate your informed opinions. Ours is a great industry. I hope I can contribute to its growth.

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Nice article, and I'm honored you linked to my Back in Time GDS as an example of ingeniousness (on the entries, I know, but it feels good to host a successful GDS).

Welcome to this great community.

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