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BGDF Gets Some Love in GAMES Magazine (July 2012 Issue)

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I've recently had the honor of being interviewed by John J. McCallion for GAMES Magazine.

The article can be found starting on page 75 in the July 2012 issue:

I made sure to point out how influential BGDF was in how I've developed as a designer. The money quote is (bottom of the left column on p.75): "I really took off about 15 years ago when I discovered the Board Game Designers Forum ( which, with very helpful information and a great community of friendly and sharing designers, spurred me at last in the right direction."

I should note that sentence was Mr. McCallion's skillful summary of a paragraph's worth of commentary from me. ;-) But, as he/I put it: I'm happy ya'll were able to spur me at last in the right direction! ;-D


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Hooray! Good job Matt :) on


Good job Matt :) on behalf of everyone, and until seth gets here: thanks very much!

Stay cool man!


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