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Blaggards - Co-op Booty Lootin' Parrty Game.

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Blaggards 3D Render

Hello Thar,
Locogame is proud to announce Blaggards, a co-operative booty lootin' parrty game with a splash o' betrayal.

For six to eleven players, blaggards pits two teams; The Pirates, whose goal is to unlock six treasure chests, each requiring a unique combination of keys, and The Blaggards, whose goal is to sabotage The Pirates and keep the booty locked away. Alas, The Pirates have no clue who The Blaggards are and must figure that out during the course of the game.

Blaggards is still under development, although it has been extensively play tested. We are currently looking to either partner with a publisher or launch a Kickstarter campaign later this year.

For more details and to keep up to date with our developments swim on over to

We are also going to be at the UK Games Expo this weekend (2017). I will be milling around but you can find me at the playtest zone on the Saturday at 1.30pm, where there will be a session of Blaggards in play.

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