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Board Game Jam Toronto

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We've put together a neat little event around gaming and we're trying to get gamers (and game designers) to come out and make a board game in weekend. We're calling Board Game Jam and it's happening Jan 29th and 30th.

It's taking place at George Brown College (King campus) on Saturday and Sunday. Sunday night we're going to the Rhino on Queen West to drink and play the games everyone just made.

It's going to be a great time so check out the site here:

If you need some encouragement to finally make that game you've been thinking about? Then Board Game jam is for you!

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This. Is. Awesome!

It’s exactly the kind of thing I like to to. If I could attend, I totally would. As you may or may not know, I used to run a “Gamestorming” event at (the now defunct) ProtoCon at TX A&M. We’d start with nothing and we’d make up as much of a game as we could in one hour. I’d take what we came up with and do the little bit of extra work needed to finish the game, and put it up as a free print-and-play in the Games District at Invisible City – ideally before the end of the convention.

Sadly, I only got to run two gamestorms before ProtoCon stopped. The first gamestorm produced Cetacean Ascension Moonbase 8 ( ). The second gamestorm produced Divine Nuke Wrath ( ).

My point? Bringing a game from zero to finished in a short period of time is tons of fun! I sincerely envy anyone who gets to go to the Board Game Jam. If you’re close enough to go, and you don’t, do me a favor and kick yourself in the shin for me? Thanks so much.

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Global Game Jam

There are actually a bunch of Game Jams the same weekend all over the place. I'm planning to attend the one at CalState Fullerton - maybe we'll see some of you there.

Here's the website with the complete list - I would email the organizer for your local event to see just how much they're going to do of boardgaming - it's sponsored by a bunch of different groups - most of whom view boardgames as "physical prototypes" for video games.

Still there's plenty of opportunity out there for us "retro" boardgamers.


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