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Botanical Bedlam - free pencil-and-paper game

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April 6, 2009

Botanical Bedlam is free, portable entertainment

Montreal-based artist and game designer Alex Weldon has announced the release of Botanical Bedlam, a free pencil-and-paper strategy game. The game can be downloaded in PDF format from his website, .

Botanical Bedlam is a surprisingly challenging puzzle game for two to six players. Players take turns choosing path pieces and flower beds, which all players must then place somewhere in their grid, which is kept secret from the others. The game ends when a player has no legal place to play a piece, whereupon everyone's grids are revealed, and the player with the longest, most scenic garden path wins.

Planning and spatial skills are key to winning a game of Botanical Bedlam, as is balancing risk and reward. Although long, intricate paths are the highest-scoring, the end of the game can come suddenly and unexpectedly, and incomplete paths are penalized.

As a pencil-and-paper game, Botanical Bedlam is extremely portable and can be played anywhere. It's ideal for long car trips, waiting rooms, and other situations in which a regular board or card game would be impractical.

About the creator

Alex Weldon is a graphic designer by trade, specializing in work for games, both physical and digital. He is also the creator of several games of his own - three free, browser-based computer games are scheduled to be released through his website in the coming months. He hopes to find a publisher for his board game designs, of which he has several.


For more information, contact Alex Weldon:

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It looks interesting, I'll have to print a few sheets and try it out some time as a filler. Thanks for sharing.

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