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CAMPFIRE the Card Game Available Now

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CAMPFIRE is a fun and exciting card game based on the great outdoor adventure of camping. This fast paced game can be played just as easily on a picnic table while in the deep woods or in the comfort of your living room. Compete with friends or family to become the first person to build three complete campsites.

Use as much strategy as you need while building your campsites; take turns wrecking your competitor’s campsites while defending yours from attack. CAMPFIRE is a great starter game for the younger generation of card game players, but just as fun for the more experienced gamers.

Go to now to get your copy. We are building games as we speak!

Recommended for ages 6+
2-6 Players

Caution: CAMPFIRE play may be in tents!

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Campfire $10.00 Temporarily



Temporarily out of stock. New orders will be fulfilled beginning next year in the order they are received.

Out of Stock – 0 available (backorders allowed)
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Would it be possible to quickly update the web page to reflect the availability update?

Possibly with a month of expected delivery, I think it might give a better impression.

Ooo, how about a campfire graphic slowly catching alight :)

Love the simple vector graphics by the way, very nicely done.

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