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Congrats Lew Pulsipher

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The Professor
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Congrats to one of our own, Lew Pulsipher who just released his game Doomstar on Steam!

I've followed Lew for a few years and have read a number of his posts and reviewed many of his presentations on game design.

Hats off to you, my friend!


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That looks like a pretty awesome game... How many years did this take to develop? And how large of a team?? What made you decide on making a Video Game???

Inquiring minds want to know! :)

P.S.: Congrats on the achievement... It's always nice to "complete" something and put it "out there!"

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Thanks, Professor. I started

Thanks, Professor.

I started the game about 35 years ago, likely after my Stratego-like Swords & Wizardry was published by H. P. Gibsons in the UK. I don't remember any details, of course.

For more than 20 years from the early 80s I didn't work on any games (other than AD&D).

I got back to it in 2007, reduced the forces considerably, had it playtested a lot (primarily by video game students as it happens). Worthington Publishing (the two Wylies) played a game a few years ago, but they published Sea Kings instead (and may publish more, hard to know).

Periodically people write to me about converting Britannia to video. Usually nothing comes of this. (One person who didn't write to me actually started the work, which is available as a free Android app that I only learned about after it was released. I think it was probably a student project.) When Large Visible Machine wrote to me, I suggested they might want to first try converting Doomstar to video - their first game was a conversion of a card-based (war)game to video. They decided to do it.

My idea, of course, is that if a video version is available, I'm more likely to license a tabletop version.

The programming was done by two people - one, primarily - with Unity I believe. They added the single-player campaign, my tabletop game was only set up for human vs human of course.

I hope to get around to posting a Designer's "Diary" (after the fact, of course) in my blog.

"My game Doomstar (listed as "Lew Pulsipher's Doomstar, publisher's choice) is now available on Steam ($7.49 until Sept 23, list $9.99)

It is a video version of a tabletop two player tactical space battle game. The tabletop version was completed years ago

The game actually originated sometime in the early 1980s. Then sat for 20+ years when I wasn't designing new games, then was further revised.

It is vaguely reminiscent of Stratego, but much quicker (15-30 minutes typically, though I've seen much longer when it was very close), and much more fluid (half as many pieces, larger board, two fighters can move in same turn and combine their strength).

You can play against the "AI", but it was quite weak in earlier development, don't know how good it is now. The main intention is playing against another person through a network.

Large Visible Machine (the developers) intend to issue it as a mobile game someday. They're a small company, this is their second game. With something like 10,000 games on Steam (the major distribution source for PC games) most little games like this one don't get much attention."

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