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Day Long playtesting North West UK - Saturday 5th August

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If you're based in the North West of England, Locogame and Ingenium Games are organising a day long play testing event in Manchester on Saturday 5th August.

It's free entry for anyone coming to play games and £10 to get a table as a designer for the whole day.

We are welcoming board games, cards games, mobile games, pc games, console games and experimental games to be tested. Free entrance for those coming along to play. There will be complimentary refreshments. We also welcome children 13+ (supervised with an adult).

9:30am: Doors open
10am: Playtesting
12:30pm: Lunch
1pm: Talks
1:30pm: Playtesting
5:15pm: Doors close

Please note this event is for testing unpublished games only.
If you get a ticket as a designer you will get your own table (video games may share tables) for the day and feedback forms and pens will be provided. Power can also be provided but you will need to bring your own pc / monitors if you are testing a PC game.

Get your ticket here:

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Wow that's very affordable

Where I am at, the price for the event (Comic Con) is $65 per person for the weekend (3 days) or one day $30. Imagine 60,000 attendees at $30 a pop... That's a whooping $1.8M dollars!

It's amazing how this little venue has grown over the years.

Now there are Halls for Comic Books, Artists, Board Games, Actors, etc.

The venue is that much BIGGER too!

So we will be SHOWCASING "TradeWorlds: Exterra Edition" at the venue (of yeah we had to change the name due to legal reasons. An IP Owner of "Trade Wars" wanted to be compensated for the use of his IP... So we renamed the game and are back off to the races!...

The event will be held this July 7 to 9 (2017). I will be conducting demos on Saturday (10h00 - 17h00) and Sunday (10h00 - 15h00). I have a couple people I'll want to touch base with during the Con ... provided they will be attending!

Keep you all informed about how the days unfold!


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Variety of Games = Wow!

ljdp wrote:
We are welcoming board games, cards games, mobile games, pc games, console games and experimental games to be tested.
It's always great to see a single event that caters to both tabletop and PC/mobile games! Sounds like it would be a lot of fun to attend.

Make the most of it! :D

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Thanks, Yeah I also run a monthly evening playtest meet up and we get about 50/50 board games and video games, it's nice to see each community learning from each other.

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