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Designer/Illustrator wanted for satirical card game

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Hello everyone,

I designed the satirical card game Pretty Ugly about the beauty mania and ridiculous TV shows like „America's Next Top Model".

In Pretty Ugly every player strives to adapt to the ever changing beauty ideal to become the most beautiful player. Every player starts with a random look and can do make-overs to change parts of the own body or clothes to look as similar as possible as the beauty ideal. Be careful! After each beauty contest the beauty ideal is changed so that someone who was pretty can become ugly instantly.

Pretty Ugly is a casual game with a good deal of luck and some strategy. It provokes amusing discussions about who is the ugliest and nonetheless succeeds in addressing the harmful beauty mania in a funny way.

• 96 cards (32 head, 32 upper body, 32 leg cards), front side with body parts and one common design for the back side: There are 5 aspects per head, per upper body and per legs. Per aspect there are two variations (eg. Blonde vs. brown hair). The chosen aspects should be of approximately equal size and be somehow colorful so that players can detect the 2 different variations of one aspect very easily and so that one aspect is not predominant over another (hairstyle is much more visible than the tiny nose). The chosen aspects of the current prototype are not optimal and should be partly changed.

• 3 jury tiles
• 1 x "x2" und 1 x "x3" tile
• 18 cash prize tiles
• Overview card beauty aspects
• Overview card possible actions
• Rule Book (4 A4 pages short so far)
• Box

Required Art Style
It would be good if the art is comic/caricature style that makes people laugh but still realistic enough that it makes players think of reality. I could imagine something similar such as, perhaps even funnier. The satirical nature of the game should be really transported by the graphics. On the other hand the illustrations should be clean & simple so that there are no things that have no game function but are confusing players. The game may also be developed as a facebook game. The design is mostly for a successful kickstarter campaign of the physical card game and a %-bonus of the kickstarter success can be agreed upon together beforehand (artist will get positive international exposure!).

I am looking forward to your proposals to:

Kind regards,

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