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Dice Tower Video for Imperial Crusade Armada

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Tom Vasel of Dice Tower has just released a video that helps explain the game Imperial Crusade Armada. Imperial Crusade Armada is a space combat game that uses plastic cards instead of miniatures. All damage and system usage is recorded directly on each card with a dry erase marker.

Watch the video with the following link:

If you would like to support the Kickstarter project use this link:

If you would like to download the print and play version of the game use the following link:

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Joined: 08/14/2011
New Rules Book

New Rules Book
The new rules book and print and play cards are ready and they can be downloaded using the following link:

Please look over the rules and make comments or send me a message and become part of the process of making Imperial Crusade Armada a great game.

The $500 pledge has been changed so that you get to create a promo ship card for the next set of two new factions titled Imperial Crusade Armada: Freedom.

The following rule changes have been made. I hope the game is a little more tactical but still streamlined and fun after these changes. I tried to remove or improve all the confusing rules or rules that just slowed the game down without adding any real strategy.

1) A small black square has been added to the front of each ship card that is referred to as the indicator. This one thing changed many of the rules.

2) To determine how a ship can move, its movement line must be drawn from its indicator. A ship card can now only move forward.

3) When a ship rotates, it can be rotated left or right but its indicator cannot go past the point where its center line use to be. I place my finger next to the card’s center line so when I turn the card, the indicator does not go past where my finger is located. This limits ships to a 45 degree rotation each turn.

4) Some Imperial ships receive the ability Agile. Agile ships can take two rotations per turn when they are activated. This allows light ships to rotate more than heavier ships.

5) Fast ships can make a second movement after they fire their weapons but Power must be spent to perform this movement. This makes movement more consistent.

6) Red ship icon’s targeting lines are measured from a ship’s indicator.

7) Plasma cannons only cost 1 Power to activate.

8) There are less fighters on each Imperial ship. Fighters now move 18” in any direction and can fire at any target within 12” to deal 4 damage for a successful attack. I wanted to make game play faster by making less but more powerful fighters.

9) The Maintenance Phase has been removed so fighters are launched during the End Phase of each turn. Carrier is now a major advantage.

10) Ships no longer have to spend Power to activate their Shields. Shields are automatically on. It was annoying to have to check off Power boxes on every ship at the beginning of each turn and it added almost no strategy to the game.

11) Ships can no longer restore a Shield box by spending Power. It was overpowering for the Republic and confusing. I'm trying to avoid all timing based questions during game play.

12) Scout and Command ships provide a player with +2 Initiative and +2 Fleet Deployment modifiers. +2 is always used to make it easier to remember.

13) Scout ships produce a +2/-2 Attack modifier for each Sensor activated. This makes Sensor use more consistent.

14) The hyperwave cannon can produces a 60” firing line that starts from its indicator like a reflex cannon. The hyperwave cannon automatically hits everything touched by this line but the reflex cannon has to make an Attack roll for everything touched by its firing line. I'm stilling trying to decided if this should be reduced to 36" but I'm not sure yet.

15) Ships that leave the field of play are considered destroyed for victory conditions. I don't want people to hide their ships when they get in trouble. Fight or run.

16) Ship Improvements have changed. One extra missile or fighter is 5 points. A hyperwave cannon ship can start the game with a charge for 10 points. A ship with fighters can start the game with its fighters deployed for 10 points.

17) All the Fleet Tactics that had confusing rules or powers that seemed like "magic" were removed. I want Imperial Crusade Armada to be a real tournament game so all the rules and Fleet Tactics have to be very clear. I don't want arguments about the rules when people are playing in a serious tournament.

18) I added a section to thank people for contributing to the rules. Help me get these rules ready by making comments about changes to the rules or just mistakes in the text and get added to the list.

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